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real estate

Real Estate

Our Real Estate companies enjoy having Ring Savvy as a 24/7 support system to their infrastructure because they never have to worry that while they are out of the office meeting clients and showing properties, that they might be missing calls for new business! Ring Savvy’s 24/7 live answering service serves to ensure that your business never misses an opportunity to grow and retain new clients!



We understand that our architects are often out of their office, looking at building sites among other business dealings. For this reason, it is important to our architect clients that their office phones be covered 24/7 so as to ensure that new and existing customers alike, always speak to a live representative, trained exclusively for their business, in order to better cater to existing clients who need assistance, and obtain new business while being out of the office.



For obvious reasons, plumbers are often not in their office. Driving around, fixing leaky faucets, and handling calls is a juggling act few can manage, because focus needs to be on fixing a physical problem for a customer. This is why Ring Savvy benefits so many plumbers: for a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist, our plumbers enjoy the benefits of 24/7 support on the phones, while becoming completely mobile, and having appointments set up while they can focus on the work that matters to them.


HVAC companies are always on the move. For this reason, employing a 24/7 live answering service is important, because new customers with new problems are trying to call during the hours that you might be assisting other customers! When these calls come in, Ring Savvy will answer as part of your company, ascertain the problem the caller is having, then send you the person’s name, phone number, address, and the problem type – letting the new caller know you will be getting back to him/her promptly. This allows you to continue the work you’re doing, without having to answer the phone, taking valuable time away from your business.


Pet Groomers

Pet Groomers: Pet Groomers usually do spend a lot of time at their place of business during the day, but are frequently tied up dealing with the pets they care for! Instead of having a full-time receptionist, which can become expensive quickly, Ring Savvy provides a 24/7 live answering service, enabling Pet Groomers to cater to the pets in the building, and have appointments scheduled while they work. Also, new and existing callers alike will not have to hear the noise of dogs barking in the background when they call for information!

Construction Companies

Construction Companies often need a lot of support on the phone, as most of their time is spent off-site, constructing buildings and meeting with customers to discuss what to build and how to build it. For this reason, it is important that calls can be patched from the office line and routed to the appropriate person, when problems and issues may arise. Since Ring Savvy has the unique capability to understand and interact with every caller,24/7, we can ensure that each call is handled and routed appropriately, making the issue at hand easier to resolve. No one likes to leave a voicemail when they are having an issue, let Ring Savvy politely and professionally let the customer know that there is a live person available to help him/her at all times!


Law Firms

Our Motto: “Never Miss the New Client!” Ring Savvy is any law firm’s 24/7/365 support system, making sure that no calls are sent to a voicemail, and therefore all potentially new customers are afforded an opportunity to speak to a live representative from the law firm. For example: Sole practitioners might be driving to/from court on any given day, and their office calls would normally ring, and subsequently reach a voicemail. With Ring Savvy’s 24/7 rollover support, after the office phone rang 4 times, it would be answered by a live, Legal Intake Receptionist, specifically catered to that practice, and could be transferred to the Sole Practitioner’s mobile phone!

Fencing Companies

Building and repairing fences is arduous labor, and taking time away from the physical tasks to answer the phone can be frustrating. Cell phones allow you to be mobile, however, being too mobile can be a lot to handle! Fixing fences, coordinating employees, all while trying to talk to new and existing customers on the phone is a lot to manage at once, which is why a lot of fencing companies choose Ring Savvy to help them with their business phones. Ring Savvy answers as part of your business, and routes the calls the way you specify! Ring Savvy will get you the caller’s name, phone number, and address of their fencing needs, so that you can get back to them when you have time, and obtain new business without having to stop what you are doing, to reach for the phone!


CPA Firms

Bettering the image of your company is always beneficial to your reputation. For this reason, instead of answering your own phones, (where people might get the sense that you are a small firm, and may find that to be a turn-off) Ring Savvy can provide you with a professional, polite, LIVE, virtual receptionist for a fraction of the cost that hiring a full-time receptionist incurs. When callers hear your virtual receptionist, and are greeted by the receptionist as if she is inside your office, that caller will be impressed at how well your company is represented! Of course, it is even better that you can cater to your existing clients, meet with appointments, and do important work, without having to worry about reaching for the phone.

Medical Services

The most important part of the medical services profession is of course, meeting with patients! Anyone calling to speak to a doctor, rarely does just that – speak with a doctor. They must schedule an appointment! With Ring Savvy’s superior message taking and appointment scheduling abilities, your medical practice is supported 24/7 by live virtual receptionists who can appropriately schedule appointments for you to meet with patients, as well as confirming appointments already made for your practice. Of course, in an emergency, we can always patch the call directly to you wherever you are!


Alarm System Companies

Alarm System Companies: Especially with alarm systems, people want to know that they have 24/7 support if a problem occurs. This could be a malfunctioning alarm that will not stop screeching, an alarm that has been turned off or is not working properly, or simply need to have maintenance performed on their system. Of course, if there is a burglary or unauthorized entrance, your alarm system will alert the authorities! However, 24/7 support for maintenance and technical difficulties is an important part of catering to your customers. Ring Savvy provides alarm companies with the support needed to keep customers feeling happy and secure, while you provide the system that can help in a real emergency.

Garage Door Companies

Garage Door Companies: Having a garage door get stuck during an off-hour can be extremely stressful for business and homeowners, and having to leave a voicemail for a garage door company is even worse. Knowing that your warehouse, home, or anywhere else is left vulnerable by a garage door that is stuck open can be extremely vexing. By being available 24/7, you can obtain new business even when outside of the office, and better cater to the emergencies your customers may encounter, by partnering with Ring Savvy!


Glass Companies

Much like HVAC, Plumbing, Construction, and Fencing companies, Glass companies often are on the road, visiting houses and performing work outside of the office. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your office phones are covered, since new customers may not want to leave a voicemail! Ring Savvy serves as the 24/7 support to help you display a better business image, while giving your customers the personalized help that they need when they look to speak with a representative from your business! Having the ability to become completely mobile while you work is extremely helpful, since you can receive calls and messages from Ring Savvy on your mobile phone.

Small Business

Any small business can benefit by partnering with Answering Legal! By having 24/7 support in place, you never have to worry about new business slipping away when the caller encounters a voicemail – Ring Savvy handles your calls the way you want them to be handled, for the fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. The perceived indifference a voicemail exerts is never the correct way to handle a caller, so let Ring Savvy handle your support system politely and professionally.