Ring Savvy FAQ

Getting Started

How difficult is it to start a free trial with Ring Savvy?

Not difficult at all! All you need to get started is answer a few simple questions about your business information, set up your greeting, protocol, and customized new business intake, and forward your calls to us! Everything altogether takes about 20 minutes. We make the process pain free so that you can continue to do what you do best.

What do I need to do in order to get set up?

Why does Ring Savvy answer the phones for all industries?

We answer the phones for everyone because we are a quality live answering service! Anyone who is need of the most professional and highly trained virtual receptionists available is eligible to sign up for Ring Savvy! We will make any business better and we will work to make every customer happy.

Is there a contract?

No. There is never a contract with Ring Savvy. There is also no setup fee, no overage charges, no disconnect fee, and you can leave any time you want. We know you won’t want to, though.

How does it work?

Basically, you provide us with your specifications regarding how you want your calls answered, and then you forward your calls to us! You can choose to have the calls ring a few times in your office before they come to us at Ring Savvy, or you can forward the calls directly to us. The only thing that is required to set up the answering service is a quick 10 minute phone call and turning on call forwarding!


What If I work off of a landline and a cell phone?

If you work off of both your landline and your cell phone, we will set up call forwarding on both lines. We can establish a protocol where we answer your cell phone on a rollover basis, and answer your office phone on a time of day basis, so that when you are in the office, you can handle all of your calls. We can use any type of call forwarding method that works for you!

Where are the operators located?

All of our operators are located in-house, at our central location. We do not have any agents that work from home, nor do we outsource our call answering to other places/countries. This way, we can offer you the highest quality live answering service possible!

Where is Ring Savvy located?

Ring Savvy is located on Long Island, and more specifically, Nesconset, New York. Our official address is 120 Lake Ave S Suite 11 Nesconset, NY 11767.

Does Ring Savvy outsource to different countries?

No! Everything that we have to offer comes from right here in the United States. All of our operators work from our central location in New York.

What type of languages does Ring Savvy cater to?

Ring Savvy offers 24/7 bilingual answering services in English and Spanish.

What if I have multiple offices?

We can set up call forwarding separately for each of your offices, or group all of the offices together on one line. It is mainly up to how you track incoming calls and how you determine where to meet clients, but generally this is an extremely easy setup.

How long has Ring Savvy been in business?

Ring Savvy has been in business since 2012, and was started by Brooke Shatles, in memory of her mother.

How does Ring Savvy handle a firm with multiple phone numbers?

Ring Savvy has no trouble handling businesses with multiple phone numbers. You simply forward your calls to a dedicated phone number inside of Ring Savvy, which we provide you with, and you can have as many dedicated numbers as you need.

What can Ring Savvy do for me that my voicemail can not?

Ring Savvy can answer your calls with a live person, and actually provide assistance to your callers! Your voicemail is incapable of doing anything except recording a voice message, which can be tedious to transcribe in bulk. A live receptionist will determine the important details for you, send them to you in written form, and can even perform new customer intake. Take that, voicemail.

What happens to incoming calls when I lose cell service?

When you lose cell service, calls come straight to Ring Savvy on the first ring. This way, your callers do not have to spend a long time waiting for the call to be answered, since you will not be able to see the phone ring anyway.

What happens to incoming calls in the event of a natural disaster?

Ring Savvy has multiple backup generators and failsafes in order to ensure there are never any outages. Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered.

How does Ring Savvy benefit businesses?

According to Forbes, approximately 80% of callers hang up on a voicemail before leaving a message because they do not believe that their message will be heard. For a business owner, this is a lost opportunity for new business. Ring Savvy captures the calls that you miss instead of having them go to voicemail, and answers with a live, trained receptionist for your business. This will help you capture new business, even when you miss the call. It also helps you keep your overhead cost low, since Ring Savvy is only a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist.

My voicemail send me a message alerting me that i received a call, how us Ring Savvy different?

Why would i hire Ring Savvy when i have staff?

Customer Solutions

My Account:

How do I make adjustments to my account?

Simple! Send an email to support@ringsavvy.com or give us a call at 631-363-1000! Our customer support is 24/7.

Can I change how my calls are answered?

Yes! You can always change the way your calls are answered! Some of our customers go through partnership changes and business name changes and need to have their greetings changed when the receptionists answer their phones. Simply send an email to support@ringsavvy.com or call us at 631-363-1000 to let us know what changes you would like to make!


Where can I find the caller ID for all patched and missed calls?

The caller’s number is usually taken by the receptionist when handling the call, but a stamp of the caller ID is always provided at the bottom of every email you receive from Ring Savvy.

Why aren't I receiving text messages?

Ring Savvy uses a HIPAA compliant third party text messaging software to ensure that all messages are sent without failure. However, if you responded to the text messages, you may have opted yourself out of the texts. You will have to call into our office and we will reactivate your text messaging services.


Is Ring Savvy 24/7/365?

Yes! We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and 366 days on leap year.

Does Ring Savvy schedule appointments?

Yes we do! We fully integrate with Google Calendar and many other calendaring softwares to ensure that our customers can benefit from our appointment scheduling services!

Is Ring Savvy fully bilingual?

Yes. Ring Savvy is fluent in both English and Spanish, 24 hours a day.

Pricing and Billing

What are the pricing packages based on?

Every feature with Ring Savvy is always based on minutes. However many minutes it takes to answer a phone call and handle it the way you have requested is all you pay for. However, we do not round any of the minutes up or down. We simply take a total, so that you are not paying for additional minutes you never used!

How much does Ring Savvy cost?

Ring Savvy usually costs around $200-250 per month, but you only pay for the minutes that you use, and you aren’t put into a pricing package. This means that some of our clients pay $100 a month, and some pay much more! It all depends on your call volume.

Does Ring Savvy charge by the minute or by the call?

Ring Savvy charges per minute, and you only pay for what you use! There are no minute packages and you do not run out of minutes nor are you charged for overages.

Is there a monthly minimum?

If I go over my minutes, what happens?

Do I have to sign a long term contract to stay with Ring Savvy?

Does Ring Savvy charge for call patching?

No! After a call is transferred to you, we no longer charge for the minutes occupied. Speak to the caller as long as you’d like!

Does Ring Savvy charge for talk time after the call is transferred?

No! As soon as the call is transferred to you, billing for the minute usage stops.

Will my bill change with the amount of minutes I use?

Yes, but that is a good thing. If you use fewer minutes, you might pay a lot less one month. If you use more minutes, you could pay a lot more. It’s all up to how many minutes you need!

Does Ring Savvy charge for calls from family and friends?

No. Ring Savvy only charges for the calls that pertain to your business. All telemarketing and calls from family and friends are “no-charges.”

Call Forwarding

If I forward my calls to Ring Savvy, will I still have the opportunity to answer my own phone?

Yes. With conditional call forwarding, the phone will still ring 3-4 times either in your office or on your cell phone before it is forwarded over to Ring Savvy, where your virtual receptionist will answer the call.

How do I Forward my calls to Ring Savvy?

Based on your provider, we will work with you in order to set up your call forwarding. Each provider has a different set of call forwarding codes and processes, and our customer service team will handle everything in order to make sure your call forwarding is setup properly!

Can I forward my calls to Ring Savvy so that I never have to pick up the phone?

Yes! With straight call forwarding, you can send Ring Savvy the calls on the first ring, and we will patch important callers into you, or simply send you the messages with the important information.

How do I get set up If I have Google Voice?

Google Voice can be a bit difficult, but our team is experienced in getting customers with Google Voice set up. We forward your Google number to directly to Ring Savvy, and we patch you the calls that are of extreme importance, and send you your messages with the important information.

Call Protocol

Does Ring Savvy record phone calls?

No. We do not record phone calls, however, we have cameras that record the audio of the rooms where our virtual receptionists answer calls. We do not know what the person on the other line is saying, but we monitor what our receptionists say in order to continue providing excellent service.

If I am on a call and receive another incoming call, will it go to Ring Savvy’s legal intake receptionist?

Yes! If you have call waiting and conditional call forwarding, the call will ring a few times before forwarding to Ring Savvy. If you do not have call waiting, the call will simply come straight to Ring Savvy, and your virtual receptionist will follow your pre-determined call protocol.

Does Ring Savvy put people on hold?

No. The only time a call is put on hold is when we are attempting to transfer the call to you, and the caller will be told that we are getting you on the line.

Besides message taking, can you contact me If the call is an emergency?

Yes! If the call is an “emergency” or high importance call, we will attempt to transfer the call to you if you are available. Emergency calls are usually determined by you when setting up your account, however, sometimes our operators use their good judgement when deciding whether or not to patch an “emergency” call to you.

How will Ring Savvy deliver my messages?

Ring Savvy will deliver your messages by text and/or email. You can have your messages sent to as many places as you would like, and these protocols can be changed at anytime, on the fly.

Will new clients be handled differently than existing clients?

Yes. Since new business is more urgent than existing customers, we usually try to transfer new clients into you right away. However, you are the one who pre-determines how to handle new clients and existing clients. Simply let us know what you need from each type of caller, and we will handle it!

Will Ring Savvy patch calls to me from solicitors?

No. In fact, solicitation calls are considered “no-charge” calls, and you will not be billed for them.


How are the calls answered?

We answer the calls however you want! For example, if you are “A-1 HVAC Services.,” we usually answer your calls, “Hello, thank you for calling A-1 HVAC Services, how may we help you?”


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