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Other Answering Services’ only purpose is to answer phone calls quickly, and always lets the customer know that they reached a “message center.” We take the time necessary to cater to your customers. Our receptionists answer calls as if they were inside your office, because we are an extension of your business. Our clients enjoy a 24/7/365 and fully bilingual answering service, powered by highly trained receptionists that better cater to your customers, enables you to do more of what you do best, and saves you overhead while helping you capture new business. Click any of the graphics below, to learn more about some of the industries our live answering service serves.


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What Makes Us Different

We don’t put our clients in different classes – every account with Ring Savvy receives the excellent perks and customer service, no matter which plan your business falls into. Other answering services charge extra for transferred calls, talk time, changes to your script, and a lot more. Ring Savvy’s live answering service does not charge you extra to transfer a call, you receive unlimited talk time, and can make as many changes to your script as you’d like, until you feel that it is perfect! Our 24/7 technical support is unparalleled, fully bilingual, and in-house. We enjoy helping your business grow and flourish. Click any of the icons to the left to learn more about how to be Ring Savvy!

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Pet Grooming Answering Service

Pet Groomers


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Ring Savvy is fully transparent. We are up front about Pricing, we include all benefits with every account – no extras, and we are the only real choice for 24/7 answering services. Our Free Trial is just that, Free. No credit cards, no contracts, just an honest way to show you how much you’ll enjoy having us support your current infrastructure. Try our live answering service for free!

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