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Welcome to How it Works! Below are the various methods of call forwarding that you can use with Ring Savvy, and how each of them would work if you chose them when you sign up with us. Below the call forwarding demonstrations, are the ways that the calls are actually answered within Ring Savvy. Read all of the call forwarding graphics to decide which works best for you, and all of the rest of the information to learn how Ring Savvy can best benefit your business!

Decide which type of call forwarding is for you!


Your live virtual receptionist will answer with the greeting that you have pre-specified – if you are “Savvy Customer Inc.” your receptionist will answer:

“Good Morning, thank you for calling Savvy Customer Inc., how may I help you?”


The script that your live virtual receptionist will follow is pre-determined when signing up with Ring Savvy. Normally, after greeting the caller, the receptionist will ascertain whether the caller is a prospective new customer, or an existing customer.

New Customers:

Typically, new customers will be transferred in to your mobile device, so that you can speak with new business prospects in real time, making it much easier to close a business deal! Of course, your receptionist will send you the person’s name and phone number even with a transferred call, in case you do not have time to write down information. If you are unable to take the call, your virtual receptionist will ask the new caller certain questions to ensure that when you return their call, you have a high propensity of obtaining their business!

Existing Customers:

If your live virtual receptionist ascertains that the caller is already an existing customer, typically, since the call usually does not hinge on obtaining new business and is therefore not as urgent, the receptionist will take the person’s name, callback number, and a detailed message – sending you the information instantly and letting the caller know you will be getting back to him/her as soon as possible. If you pre-determine that you would like to be reached for all calls, this is of course, possible and all up to you.

How To Set Up Ring Savvy

Setup is very simple, and mainly utilizes call forwarding as a method for ensuring your calls are always answered. When signing up with Ring Savvy, our technical support team will handle all call forwarding matters for you, so that you do not have to take time away from your business. Call forwarding protocols differ by phone provider, and Ring Savvy works in tandem with you and your provider to establish the proper method of call forwarding for your business.

Types of Call Forwarding

Traditional Call Forwarding: This method allows you to manually forward and un-forward your phones anytime you wish to go on or off service. This is usually done by dialing *71, *72, or *73 and entering a 10-digit dedicated number which we provide you with for free.

Watch our videos on how to set up Traditional Call Forwarding:

Time of Day Call Forwarding: This method is predetermined to forward the phones to the answering service at set times each day.

Rollover Call Forwarding: This method of call forwarding allows calls to ring in your office first, for 3-4 rings, before forwarding over to Ring Savvy. This is important if you like to answer your calls, but know that sometimes you are busy and need support on an overflow basis. This way, the caller never receives the impression that you are unavailable, and that your office is always open, 24/7.

Watch our videos on how to set up Conditional Call Forwarding:

Full Time Call Forwarding: Your office lines are forwarded to the service 24/7/365.

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