Types of Call Forwarding

Before you get set up, you'll need to determine which method of call forwarding works best for your practice! Below are the four types of call forwarding to choose from, so read more and decide which call forwarding best fits your firm.

Traditional Call Forwarding

Using traditional call forwarding, you can manually forward and unforward your calls to Ring Savvy. This means that, during the day when you are in your office, you can unforward your calls to Ring Savvy so that you and your staff can answer the phones yourselves. At night, or on weekends, when you leave the office you can forward your calls to Ring Savvy so that your virtual receptionists can answer your calls on the first ring. If the caller is calling regarding a matter that you have pre determined is to be patched to you, your virtual receptionist will do so! If you have pre determined to simply receive messages so that you can get back to your callers when it is convenient for you, we will accommodate.

Rollover Call Forwarding

Using rollover call forwarding, you can forward your calls to Ring Savvy on a conditional basis. The conditions being: after a certain amount of rings, if there are no other lines available for that call to ring on, or if there is simply no service (on a cell phone.) This allows you to answer every call that you can, but when you are busy, on the phone, in a meeting, or with a client, you always know that your call is 100% guaranteed to be answered by your live virtual receptionists at Ring Savvy. If you missed the call by mistake, your virtual receptionist can ensure that you speak to the caller right away so that you have the greatest chance to convert that potential new client into new business!

Time of Day Call Forwarding

Using time of day call forwarding, you can forward your calls to Ring Savvy automatically at certain times of the day. You can set up time of day call forwarding to allow calls to ring in your office during normal business hours, and forward to Ring Savvy outside of normal business hours and on weekends. Time of day call forwarding automatically turns itself on and off, so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn on and turn off call forwarding. This basically works the same as traditional call forwarding, except it takes the human mistake element out of actually forwarding the calls.

Full Time Call Forwarding

Using full time call forwarding, you can forward your calls to Ring Savvy indefinitely. This means that every single one of your calls will be answered by Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionists on the first ring. This can go a few ways, depending on your preference. We can identify who is calling and announce the caller to you, letting you choose if you’d like to take the call. We can take a message from every caller and simply send it to you, so you can get back to them at your earliest convenience. Or we can combine the two; we can announce new clients to you and you can take the call if you are available, and take messages from existing customers and you can get back to them at your earliest convenience. This keeps the image of your business extremely professional, and ensures that every single call is answered by Ring Savvy!

Types of Call Forwarding


Upon setup, your live virtual receptionist will answer with the greeting that you have pre-specified – if you are “Savvy Customer Inc.” your receptionist will answer:



The script that your live virtual receptionist will follow is pre-determined when signing up with Ring Savvy. Normally, after greeting the caller, the receptionist will ascertain whether the caller is a prospective new customer, or an existing customer.

New Customers

Typically, new customers will be transferred in to your mobile device, so that you can speak with new business prospects in real time, making it much easier to close a business deal! Of course, your receptionist will send you the person’s name and number even with a transferred call, in case you do not have time to write down information. If you are unable to take the call, your virtual receptionist will ask the new caller certain questions to ensure that when you return their call, you have a high propensity of obtaining their business!

Existing Customers

If your live virtual receptionist ascertains that the caller is already an existing customer, typically, since the call usually does not hinge on obtaining new business and is therefore not as urgent, the receptionist will take the person’s name, callback number, and a detailed message – sending you the information instantly and letting the caller know you will be getting back to him/her as soon as possible. If you pre-determine that you would like to be reached for all calls, this is of course, possible and all up to you.

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How do I set up call forwarding?
Here are some DIY videos to get you started.

Setup is very simple, and mainly utilizes call forwarding as a method for ensuring your calls are always answered. When signing up with Ring Savvy, our technical support team will handle all call forwarding matters for you, so that you do not have to take time away from your business. Call forwarding protocols differ by phone provider, and Ring Savvy works in tandem with you and your provider to establish the proper method of call forwarding for your business.

Traditional Call Forwarding

This method allows you to manually forward and un-forward your phones anytime you wish to go on or off service. This is usually done by dialing *71, *72, or *73 and entering a 10-digit dedicated number which we provide you with for free.

Rollover Call Forwarding

This method of call forwarding allows calls to ring in your office first, for 3-4 rings, before forwarding over to Ring Savvy. This is important if you like to answer your calls, but know that sometimes you are busy and need support on an overflow basis. This way, the caller never receives the impression that you are unavailable, and that your office is always open, 24/7.


How difficult is it to start a free trial with Ring Savvy?

Not difficult at all! All you need to get started is answer a few simple questions about your business information, set up your greeting, protocol, and customized new business intake, and forward your calls to us! Everything altogether takes about 20 minutes. We make the process pain free so that you can continue to do what you do best.

What do I need to do in order to get set up?

Why does Ring Savvy answer the phones for all industries?

We answer the phones for everyone because we are a quality live answering service! Anyone who is need of the most professional and highly trained virtual receptionists available is eligible to sign up for Ring Savvy! We will make any business better and we will work to make every customer happy.

Is there a contract?

No. There is never a contract with Ring Savvy. There is also no setup fee, no overage charges, no disconnect fee, and you can leave any time you want. We know you won’t want to, though.

How does it work?

Basically, you provide us with your specifications regarding how you want your calls answered, and then you forward your calls to us! You can choose to have the calls ring a few times in your office before they come to us at Ring Savvy, or you can forward the calls directly to us. The only thing that is required to set up the answering service is a quick 10 minute phone call and turning on call forwarding!