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Finance/Mortgage Answering Service

When people have a lot of money on the line, it is only natural for them to worry. And when people worry, they tend to ask a lot of questions. If you’re in the finance or mortgage business, and are responsible for either handling people’s money or helping people make significant purchases, you better make yourself available to answer questions 24/7. If you don’t, and let a large portion of your calls go to voicemail, you can expect customers to turn on you very quickly.

Fortunately providing 24/7 live phone coverage doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is sign up with Ring Savvy.

Overflow call handling will allow you to take a breath

At Ring Savvy, our call center remains active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Inside of that call center is a team of trained virtual receptionists that make sure that not a single call received by any business we serve ends up going to voicemail. Ring Savvy’s team can guarantee that all of your company’s calls will get answered by a live trained professional, no matter how many incoming calls your recieve, and no matter what time a customer calls into your business. Always providing your customers with a live person to speak with shows that your company cares about their important life matters as much as they do, and can be trusted to guide them through making important life decisions. Not to mention, new opportunities can arise fast in the finance and mortgage industry, and you always want to have a receptionist ready to help your customers take action.

Of course just answering the phone by itself isn’t enough to calm the nerves of those worried about their financial futures. You need competent and knowledgeable people on the other line, and with Ring Savvy, that’s just what you get. All of our virtual receptionists have gone through months of extensive training on proper phone etiquette and handling various call handling situations. Our receptionists can always be trusted to make the right decision when problems or urgent situations arise, and help you get in touch with your customers in a hurry.

What options do you have with live call transferring?

When we say that all of Ring Savvy’s services are 100 percent customizable, we truly mean all of our services.

  • Our receptionist can find out the caller’s name and reason for calling, and transfer the call over to a designated direct line of your choosing. When signing up with Ring Savvy, you’ll tell us which situations should qualify for a live transfer, and what times of day we should attempt to transfer calls over to your designated direct line. If you’d like, we can attempt to contact more than one person. Live call transfers will be greatly appreciated by your customers, as it will give you the ability to answer their questions in real time, rather than keeping them in suspense for hours.
  • Our receptionist can find out the caller’s name and reason for calling, and transcribe all their information in message form. At the conclusion of the call, your customer’s message will be sent to you via text and/or email. With the ability to check new messages right from your mobile device, you can always be aware when customers are trying to reach out to you, and offer them an appropriate response time.

Ring Savvy is a highly flexible service, and you can change the way we handle and direct your customers calls at any time.

We’ll help capture more of your new leads

When a person calls into your business for the first time, and you’re unavailable to speak to the customer yourself, our receptionists will make sure your business still makes a great first impression. Using information provided by you, our receptionist will have the ability to answer any common FAQs callers might have about your business. Never will your callers hear “I don’t know” when asking a basic and easy to answer question about your company.

While prospective customers are getting informed about what your business has to offer, our receptionists will be busy gathering information about them. Our new customer intake process can be tweaked to include questions relevant to your specific finance or mortgage business, and help ensure that you get the information necessary to evaluate and move forward with potential customers. All new intake information will be sent to you via text and/or email message at the conclusion of the call, allowing you to take action right away.

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Why Ring Savvy is the best live answering service for you

Our 24/7 virtual receptionist team is committed to not just answering your business’ phones, but helping your company convert its new leads into paying customers. Providing a live answer to customers during their time of need means everything these days, and utilizing Ring Savvy will guarantee you’re always able to offer a high quality customer service experience to new prospects.

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  • What happens during my free trial?

    During your free trial period, you’ll have access to just about all of our features, allowing you to take in the full Ring Savvy experience. The only feature we don’t offer to those in trial is appointment scheduling.

  • Do I need to put a credit card down?

    Not until your free trial concludes. We’ll only need your credit card information if you choose to become a Ring Savvy customer.

  • How long will it take to set up my free trial?

    Make sure new leads that come in during the overnight and weekends never pass you by.

  • What happens at the end of my free trial?

    A member of our team will reach out to you and go over the results of your trial period. If you’d like to continue using our service, we’ll get you started right away as a paying customer. If you decide the service is not for you, you can walk away at no cost.

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