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What are the pricing packages based on?

Every feature with Ring Savvy is always based on minutes. However many minutes it takes to answer a phone call and handle it the way you have requested is all you pay for. However, we do not round any of the minutes up or down. We simply take a total, so that you are not paying for additional minutes you never used!

How much does Ring Savvy cost?

Ring Savvy usually costs around $200-250 per month, but you only pay for the minutes that you use, and you aren’t put into a pricing package. This means that some of our clients pay $100 a month, and some pay much more! It all depends on your call volume.

Does Ring Savvy charge by the minute or by the call?

Ring Savvy charges per minute, and you only pay for what you use! There are no minute packages and you do not run out of minutes nor are you charged for overages.

Is there a monthly minimum?

If I go over my minutes, what happens?

Do I have to sign a long term contract to stay with Ring Savvy?

Does Ring Savvy charge for call patching?

No! After a call is transferred to you, we no longer charge for the minutes occupied. Speak to the caller as long as you’d like!

Does Ring Savvy charge for talk time after the call is transferred?

No! As soon as the call is transferred to you, billing for the minute usage stops.

Will my bill change with the amount of minutes I use?

Yes, but that is a good thing. If you use fewer minutes, you might pay a lot less one month. If you use more minutes, you could pay a lot more. It’s all up to how many minutes you need!

Does Ring Savvy charge for calls from family and friends?

No. Ring Savvy only charges for the calls that pertain to your business. All telemarketing and calls from family and friends are “no-charges.”