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Overflow Call Handling

With Ring Savvy, your business will never have to stress over the way it manages incoming calls. Gone will be the days of placing customers on hold for longer stretches of time, and apologizing profusely afterwards. Never again will you have to worry about missing an incoming call, while you’re on the phone with another person.

Thanks to our Overflow Call Handling service, any incoming call to your office, that you and your staff can’t pick up, will be answered by one of Ring Savvy’s highly trained virtual receptionist team members. Our 24/7 receptionist staff will keep your company from becoming overwhelmed by the task of handling incoming calls, while ensuring your business always get the chance to engage with potential new customers. It’s literally like having an extra agent on your staff, that never takes breaks.

What options do you have with live call transferring?

When signing up with Ring Savvy, one of the first things you’ll do is let us know exactly how you’d like us to handle and direct your business’ incoming calls. One of our most popular call forwarding protocols, especially during a company’s normal hours of operation, is rollover call forwarding. Under this type of call forwarding, your incoming calls will be forwarded to Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionist team only when certain conditions are met.

What options do you have with live call transferring?

  1. When an incoming calls goes unanswered after a certain amount of rings, an amount which you’ll choose when setting up your Ring Savvy account.
  2. When there are no open lines for your incoming calls to ring in on.
  3. When your office phones or cell phone device is out of service.

You can feel confident that when one of your callers is transferred over to our virtual receptionist team, they will be in the best possible hands. Our receptionists will greet your callers, be able to perform new customer intakes on first time callers to your business, and can even attempt to transfer certain types of callers to a direct line of your choosing.

What options do you have with live call transferring?

Missing calls is no longer acceptable for growing businesses. Any incoming call could represent an opportunity to win over a new customer, and you’ll want to always make sure your company is making the right first impression over the phone. With overflow call handling from Ring Savvy in place, your callers will never have to deal with the frustration of being sent to voicemail. Our call forwarding protocols ensure that all callers to your business either get to speak with a member of your staff, or a trained live receptionist from ours.

It takes time to grow a successful business, and if you and your colleagues are stuck answering calls all day long, it will be difficult to get anything of value done. Our Overflow Call Handling service is ready to help take some of the phone answering pressure off your company’s shoulders, and free up your days. You’ll be given the time to get real work accomplished, and perhaps even enjoy the occasional break.

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Our 24/7 virtual receptionist team is committed to not just answering your business’ phones, but helping your company convert its new leads into paying customers. Providing a live answer to customers during their time of need means everything these days, and utilizing Ring Savvy will guarantee you’re always able to offer a high quality customer service experience to new prospects.

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    During your free trial period, you’ll have access to just about all of our features, allowing you to take in the full Ring Savvy experience. The only feature we don’t offer to those in trial is appointment scheduling.

  • Do I need to put a credit card down?

    Not until your free trial concludes. We’ll only need your credit card information if you choose to become a Ring Savvy customer.

  • How long will it take to set up my free trial?

    Make sure new leads that come in during the overnight and weekends never pass you by.

  • What happens at the end of my free trial?

    A member of our team will reach out to you and go over the results of your trial period. If you’d like to continue using our service, we’ll get you started right away as a paying customer. If you decide the service is not for you, you can walk away at no cost.

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