11 Of The Best Tools For HVAC Technicians

Joe GalottiNovember 9th, 2020

If you’re ready to make a few upgrades to your collection of tools or are looking for a great functional gift for a technician in your life, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll introduce you to 11 of the top tools used by HVAC technicians today. The items on this list all come from top tool manufacturers and can be found on Amazon. Use the index below to find the item you’re looking for, and check out our tool recommendation.

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Best Screwdriver

Klein Tools 15-In-1 Multi-Bit HVAC Screwdriver

We know this list is designed to help add to the items in your toolbox, but our first featured product should help eliminate some. This screwdriver from Klein Tools comes with 14 different bits that can be used for a wide variety of HVAC applications, as well as a 1/4-Inch nut driver. The bit attachments are well crafted and hardened for increased durability, meaning you can go years without having to replace any of them. The item also features a small body and cushioned grip handle, which will make it easier to deal with fasteners that are recessed in deep holes.

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Best Hammer

Estwing Tinner’s Hammer

Hammers end up being one of HVAC technicians’ most used tools, so paying a bit more for a quality product makes a lot of sense here. This Estwing model is one of the more versatile hammers you’ll find on the market today, as it can help you shape sheet metal, pop rivets, make chisels and create cut-outs. The item has been forged in one-piece, allowing it to be extremely durable and hold up in the roughest of work environments. The tool also features a shock reduction grip, which will make things easier on your hands as you hammer away throughout the day.

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Best Drill

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

All technicians need a reliable cordless power drill so that they can maintain mobility and efficiency while working in a variety of different job locations. This model from DeWalt is both compact and lightweight, and designed to thrive in any of the tight spaces HVAC technicians may find themselves navigating. The drill’s ergonomic handle allows users to enjoy a comfortable grip and feel like they are in full control of the item at all times. Not to be ignored is the drill’s 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability and high speed transmission of up to 1,500 rpm.

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Best Crimper

Malco C5R Crimper

A quality crimper makes it easier for technicians to manipulate and connect the pieces of metal they are working with. This five-blade selection from Malco is one of the best for those working in HVAC jobs. The product is incredibly easy to use, and features a soft touch, non-slip handle insert that will allow technicians to work quickly and avoid making mistakes. This product will help you achieve a longer and shallower professional grade crimp. After you are finished crimping with this device, you can expect ducts to perfectly slide into place, and be 100% ready for riveting.

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Best Pipe Wrench

RIDGID 31100 Model 818 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench

Most HVAC technicians will benefit from having a wide variety of wrenches in their arsenal of tools. One type of wrench they of course can’t afford to be without is a pipe wrench, and when selecting a pipe wrench, you can’t go wrong with this model from RIDGID. The item is both strong and lightweight, and is made out of professional-strength aluminum to help guarantee long-term durability. The product is also highlighted by its I-beam handle and full floating forged hook jaw, which allows for superior gripping and quick adjustments.

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Best Staple Gun

Bostitch T6-8OC2 Outward Clinch Stapler

Whether you’re looking to secure joists and foil lines or properly assemble ductwork, having a reliable staple gun nearby is a must. This item from Bostitch can be counted on to always get the job done. The product is easy to load and won’t get jammed. It’s easy squeeze mechanism will also allow you to work fast, and still provide highly-professional looking finished projects. Once HVAC technicians do one insulation job with this Bostitch device, they won’t ever want to go back to using other staple guns.

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Best Needle Nose Pliers

Klein Tools J207-8CR Needle Nose Pliers

We mentioned above that HVAC workers need a diverse group of wrenches in order to be successful, and the same is true of pliers. A great place to start when building up your plier collection is this needle nose item from Klein. This product will assist technicians countless times throughout their work day, as they can be used for stripping, cutting, looping, crimping and shearing wires. The pliers have been forged with steel for maximum durability, making this an item you can get away with using for years to come.

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Best Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

If you find yourself frequently needing to cut, grind, sand and scrape at odd angles and in tight areas, this oscillating device from the Milwaukee company is about to become your new best friend. This product cuts up to 50 percent faster and delivers up to two times more cuts per charge than similar items made by competitors. It also features a 12-setting dial, making it easy for users to find the appropriate speed for the task at hand. The versatility of this tool is off the charts, and having it by your side during work days will make every job just a little bit easier.

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Best Cutters

Wiss M4R HVAC Pipe and Duct Cutter

Not all cutters are created equal, and in order to get the most bang for their buck, HVAC technicians should look for cutters that have been created with their line of work in mind. This product from the Wiss company will be one of your top choices, as it offers sharp and durable blades designed specifically for cutting metal pipes and ducts. The cutter is capable of removing 11/64-inch wide strips of metal. The item also does a great job protecting HVAC worker’s hands, as it comes with a non-slip cushioned grip for superior comfort and increased control.

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Best Caulking Gun

SolidWork Professional Hand Caulking Gun

Filling holes and sealing air ducts is a breeze when you have the right caulking gun. This model from SolidWork qualifies as the correct caulking gun for HVAC workers. The item’s powerful 26:1 lever ratio enables comfortable and fatigue-free operation even during long periods of use. The product’s aluminum handling also guarantees that the item will be available for many jobs to come. If it’s been awhile since you’ve bought a new caulking gun, you’re likely to be amazed by just how far the technology has come.

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Best Digital Thermometer

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 749

With this digital thermometer from Etekcity, HVAC technicians will never have to play any guessing games. This portable device will give you highly accurate temperature readings, and let you know right away if your job has been done correctly. Simply point the device’s laser at the area you want to measure, and you’ll get instant results. The thermometer is capable of measuring temperatures between -58°f and 716°f, so you’ll never have to worry about a result being potentially wrong. It also features a backlit LCD screen and it automatically shuts off after 15 seconds to conserve battery power.

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