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Secure Repeat Customers With A Bilingual Answering Service For Plumbers

Tony PrietoJuly 27th, 2022

Plumbing emergencies are not easily ignored. Burst pipes, busted valves, and overflowing toilets can cause devastating damage both to structures and belongings, and the business and property owners are often willing to pay a premium for swift and effective service.

Most companies focus on courting new leads for this reason, but if you want to ensure a steady flow of business, you shouldn’t neglect your repeat customers. Swiftly responding to a plumbing emergency with high quality customer service will go a long way toward enticing customers to call you back next time they have a problem you can solve.

But that’s not all you can do to put your name at the top of your customers’ lists. A bilingual answering service will help you ensure that your customers don’t even think about calling your competition when they have an emergency, and in this blog we’ll explain how. But first, we want to emphasize just how important repeat customers can be to your business.

Why You Should Invest In Repeat Customers

Why spend resources in securing repeat customers? New customers are the lifeblood of most companies. Very few businesses can survive on just a handful of repeat customers, and plumbing is no different. 

Across the lifetime of your company, even your most profitable customers will only need you a handful of times, especially if you’re doing your best work to make sure their water systems won’t come crashing down any time soon. However, ensuring a steady supply of new leads can be difficult and expensive. Especially so outside your busy season, when plumbing emergencies are mostly the product of bad luck and poorly maintained pipes. 

Repeat customers can be a bridge between your busy seasons, but you have to make sure you’re enticing them to call you back. They’ve already sought you out once, so instead of putting your company in front of them in the first place, you need to focus on your name being the first one they think of when they need help. A bilingual answering service will make your company the first name on your former customers’ minds when they need a plumber. 

Offer Tailored Experiences To Different Customers

In order to make sure your customer experience is the best it can be, you have to cater your business to different kinds of customers. After all, long-term jobs are different from one-off hires, and the customers who hire you to do those jobs have different priorities and needs.

If you’re doing long-term work, maybe as part of a remodel or a new build, you need to be sure you’re responsive to your customers’ concerns. If there’s major work going on, you might only be part of the job, which means your customers will be calling you for constant updates. Once you’ve replaced the pipes, someone else needs to come by and lay down the concrete, and your customer will want that done as fast as possible. With a message taking service, you’ll be able to keep them happy while still having time to do the work they need done.

On the other hand, for shorter jobs, you need to have a quick turnaround time. Customers who don’t need major work done are usually calling for two opposite reasons: they either need a minor adjustment or they need emergency maintenance. Those who only need minor work done will be looking to get it done quickly precisely because it’s an easy job, and emergency customers will obviously need you to get there as soon as possible.

Those customers who, say, just need the hardware changed on the faucets in their bathroom will value being able to schedule an appointment immediately. Customers with burst pipes or other plumbing emergencies will, on the other hand, appreciate 24/7 availability and, if your company is large enough, dispatch.

Earn The Appreciation Of Your Hispanic Market

If you want a steady supply of repeat customers, you should look no further than your local Hispanic community. There are over 41 million Americans who speak Spanish at home, which means your investment in a bilingual answering service will allow you to penetrate that market, no matter where you operate.

Depending on your area, there may not be other plumbers able to offer quality service in Spanish to Spanish speakers in your area. You might be able to corner your local market, and just the fact that there will be less competition for these customers means you’ll be more likely to retain them for future work.

With a team of bilingual virtual receptionists, you’ll be able to ensure that all your customers have an excellent experience with your business. Your customers will be grateful for your attention to their experience, which may net you glowing five star reviews for your online profile. Hispanic customers in particular will appreciate that you’re able to give them the same experience your other customers receive from your company, and they’ll be more likely to recommend you to their family and friends. .Over time, that will help you generate leads in both your peak seasons and the valleys between. 

Hire The Easiest Bilingual Answering Service On The Market

From dispatch to new customer intake, hiring a bilingual plumbing answering service sounds like a lot of work. But with Ring Savvy, it’s easy. We handle all the training and hiring so you don’t have to, and our 100 percent U.S.-based virtual receptionists only answer for field services, meaning they’re well suited to making your customers want to hire you again. 

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