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How A 24/7 Answering Service Helps You Secure Emergency Plumbing Jobs Without Losing Sleep

Tony PrietoJune 15th, 2022

If you’re running a growing plumbing business, chances are you’re the nexus of your company. Unless you have a dedicated receptionist, when your phone rings, you’re the one answering, no matter when that call comes in. This can be a good thing; you’re always involved with every aspect of your business, and get to interact with your customers and give them the hands-on experience they may expect.

Unfortunately, however, it means that opening your company to emergency jobs is a trade-off: more business for less sleep. It’s a trade many plumbers don’t want to make. When those late-night calls come in, even if you have a few technicians who might actually take the job, it’s your phone that will ring unless you have a dispatcher.

With Ring Savvy, you can turn that trade-off into an all-upside situation. Between our custom call protocols and intelligent dispatching system, our virtual receptionists will make sure you can reap the benefits of late-night availability without the downsides. Here’s how our 24/7 answering service will help you secure emergency plumbing jobs without losing sleep.

Only Get Woken Up By The Calls That Matter

When you’re taking emergency calls after hours, any call that comes in could mean new business. That means you have to answer every call, no matter who’s calling in, because you never know which calls are spam and which are customers who need your help. As much as being open to emergency calls will add up over time in profits, the calls that aren’t emergency business will add up to a lot of lost sleep.

With a 24/7 answering service screening your calls, you’ll never have to worry about the calls that don’t matter. You can sleep through the night confident that the only calls that reach your phone represent customers in need of emergency service.

But how does it work? Using custom call protocols, our virtual receptionists can transfer the calls that do matter right to you. They’ll greet every caller and ascertain the reason for their call. If the caller has emergency business, your virtual receptionist will reach out to you to connect you with your customer. Your night’s sleep will only be interrupted by our virtual receptionists reaching out to you with a customer who needs immediate assistance.

Our Dispatching System Will Help You Delegate

If you’ve got a few technicians working under you, you might not be the one running out for emergency calls as often. But if you don’t have a dedicated dispatcher or a complex call-forwarding system, you’ll be losing sleep whether or not you’re on call. After all, it’s your number listed on your website. It’s your phone that will be ringing.

Luckily for you, our 24/7 answering service can double as your dispatcher. With Ring Savvy handling your dispatch, you’ll be able to sleep soundly, knowing you’re still securing those lucrative emergency calls. 

Here’s how it works in four simple steps:

1- While setting up your account, we’ll ask for your on-call schedule, your technicians’ contact information, and what you’d like us to tell your customers as they await dispatch.

2- When someone calls in with an emergency plumbing job after hours, your virtual receptionist will greet them and gather the information necessary to complete the job.

3- Then they’ll put your customer on a brief hold while they reach out to your technician on call, relay the information they just gathered, and get an estimated time of arrival.

4- Finally, they’ll take your customer off hold and give them your technician’s ETA.

That’s it! Ring Savvy’s intelligent dispatching system will let you secure emergency plumbing jobs while you sleep. You can even customize the questions our virtual receptionists ask before reaching out to your technicians. You’ll always have everything you need to complete the job, from the customer’s address and the nature of their problem to any gate codes you might need to access their home.

Hire The Best Answering Service For Plumbers Around

Customers who need emergency work can’t afford to wait while their basement floods. They’re looking for reliable plumbers who will get out to their house as quickly as they can. If you want to be that plumber, hire Ring Savvy’s 24/7 answering service to make the most of your after-hours and weekend work. 

We’re the best answering service to ensure you’re able to capture late-night emergency work without losing sleep. Of course, we’ll be available to answer your phones during the day as well. We’ll help you secure customers with new customer intake and worry-free appointment scheduling. And, since our virtual receptionists are bilingual, all of our features are available in English and Spanish.

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