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Podcast Episode 11: How To Stand Out At A Home Show With Rodney Koop

Joe GalottiJuly 21st, 2022

For episode 11 of the “Business Savvy” podcast, host Nick Werker welcomes Rodney Koop, CEO at The New Flat Rate. This episode provides an overview on what companies should and should not do when exhibiting at a home show, and how to make a lasting impression on the event’s attendees.  

In their conversation, Nick and Rodney discuss:

  • What Rodney hates about home shows.
  • The importance of having a theme for your exhibit.
  • The time Rodney hired a James Bond’ impersonator for his booth.
  • How to follow-up with new leads once a home show concludes.
  • Why using a menu pricing system works so well for home service companies.

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