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Savvy Business Tips: How To Combat The Rising Number Of Spam Calls

Joe GalottiMarch 10th, 2021

Welcome to a new edition of Savvy Business Tips, a monthly blog series in which we update you on the latest news surrounding our company, and give you insider tips on how to make the most out of a phone answering service.

If there’s one thing business owners are universally thankful for, it’s the spam folder in their email system. Spam folders do a great job of keeping unwanted messages from solicitors and irrelevant parties away from your inbox, so that you only have to devote time to checking emails that are actually important to your company.  

Now if only there was a spam folder for your phone. Sadly, spam calls, which are essentially the audio version of spam emails, continue to plague business owners on a daily basis. And while those in the phone industry have been working hard to combat the rising number of spam callers, they appear to be losing the battle. According to TechCrunch, the amount of spam calls received grew by 18% in 2020. TechCrunch also tells us that the average American received 28.4 spam calls a month during 2020, up from 18.2 in 2019.  

For now, there seems to be no way to stop your phone from getting spam calls. However, there is a way for business owners to avoid being bothered by sales calls and robocalls entirely, and in this edition of Savvy Business Tips, we’ll provide you with our much needed solution. 

How To Filter Out Spam Calls

The reason business owners are able to check their email without being disrupted by spam messages is because there is a system in place filtering out the messages they don’t want to see. So in order to avoid being disrupted by spam calls, you need a similar filtering system in place for your phone.

Phone call filtering technology isn’t quite on the level of email yet, but what you can do is invest in a team of highly qualified humans to filter incoming calls on your behalf. And one team of humans we love to recommend is the virtual receptionist squad at Ring Savvy. 

For those that don’t know, Ring Savvy is a 24/7 phone answering service that handles calls for a wide variety of different businesses across the United States. Business owners typically invest in our service to help improve their customer service, capture more new leads and simply just spend less time on the phone. One of the secondary features that we provide—that is so important that it will often feel like a primary feature—is advanced call screening.   

Here’s essentially how advanced call screening works:

1. You can choose to have all of your company’s calls forwarded to our service first to be answered by one of our highly trained virtual receptionists. We’ll have a receptionist ready to answer your call at all times. 

2. Our virtual receptionist will speak with your caller and find out the reason they are reaching out to your business. If the caller is clearly a solicitor or a robocaller, we’ll quickly turn them away and make sure you never have to hear from them. 

3. Anytime our service handles a call from a person relevant to your business, we’ll send you a text and email message after the call concludes, alerting you of all that was covered during our phone exchange.  

So with Ring Savvy and our advanced call screening protocols in place, business owners will never again feel obligated to pick up a call from an unfamiliar number, and will always have the peace of mind of knowing that their actually important callers are still getting live attention from a professional receptionist. 

Why You Can’t Afford To Just Let Calls Go To Voicemail

Some of you reading this may be thinking, “doesn’t my voicemail essentially work as a spam filter”. In a way you’d be correct in thinking this. Sending calls to voicemail is technically a way to avoid having to answer spam calls (although you’ll still have to listen to a bunch of spammy voicemails after the fact). 

The problem most business owners face is that they really can’t afford to send their callers to voicemail. As we’ve covered on this blog before, modern day consumers crave immediate attention when calling into a business for help, and will almost never want to leave a message and patiently wait for your call back. 

So while you could let calls from unfamiliar numbers go straight to voicemail, and see what kind of message they leave before calling them back, that tends to be a very risky game. Often the new leads calling your business will just skip leaving you a message entirely, and quickly move on to calling your competition for help with their issue. Even if they do leave a message, by the time you reconnect with the caller, they may have already signed up with another company.  

By having our virtual receptionist team handle any calls you can’t get to, you’ll be providing your callers with a live representative of your business to speak with right away, and giving them reason to feel confident about using your service. You’ll also be signaling that you really care about your customers and their issues, and that you’re ready to provide timely solutions to their problems. 

Final Thoughts

You’re potentially just hours away from never having to answer a spam call ever again. Doesn’t that sound nice? We know this almost sounds too good to be true, so instead of just telling you about our incredible advanced call screening system, we’ll go ahead and let you try it out for free. To get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy, fill out this form, or give us a call at 631-363-1000.

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