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Seven Solutions Our Live Answering Service Can Provide

Joe GalottiJune 16th, 2020

Exhausting, unpredictable, chaotic, overwhelming.

These are all words that can be used to describe the lives of small business owners these past few months.

Companies in just about every industry have been hit hard by the pandemic, and just getting through the work week has become an extremely challenging and stressful process.

We at Ring Savvy know the problems growing businesses are facing right now quite well, because we serve and talk to their owners every day. And while our live answering service can’t solve all of the problems the pandemic has created for your company, we may be able to assist in more ways than you think. In fact, you’ll likely be shocked to find out just how many of your daily headaches are the result of subpar call handling. Below we’ll break down seven ways Ring Savvy can make your life just a little bit easier.

1- We’ll Make Sure You Don’t Lose New Customers To Voicemail

Many businesses have seen a significant drop in customers since the pandemic began, and are only just now starting to see their numbers of new leads rise again. During financially lean times like these, you really can’t afford to squander any new customer opportunities. Unfortunately, many companies are still allowing new leads to slip past them without even realizing it. For example, if you’re allowing any of your calls to go to voicemail, you could be missing out on a ton of new customers. Consumers today hate interacting with voicemail, and if you don’t give them a live person to speak with right away, they’ll just move on to calling one of your competitors for help.

Ring Savvy’s live answering service is ready to assist you in capturing new leads 24/7. No matter what time of day or day of the week a potential customer reaches out to your business, you’ll always have a live trained receptionist ready to engage with them and capture their information. New leads will be impressed by the immediate response your business provides, and will feel confident moving forward with your company.

2- We’ll Keep Existing Customers From Feeling Neglected

Just because someone is already a customer, doesn’t mean you can afford to put off answering and returning their calls. Consumers these days expect a lot from the businesses they work with, and when they don’t feel they’re needs are being met, they are quick to tell everyone they know. Unless you’re okay with people bad-mouthing your business to their family and friends or posting negative reviews about you online, you’ll need to go above and beyond in answering customer calls.

Using Ring Savvy ensures your current customers always get live attention when calling into your business, and never feel like you’re ignoring their needs. Our receptionists will accurately take the customer’s message, and send all recorded information over to you via text and/or email message as soon as the call concludes. Business owners can check up on new messages from any location right from their smartphone, and always know when a customer needs an urgent call back.

3- We’ll Remove Obstacles When Engaging With Spanish Speaking Leads

Growing companies would be wise to open themselves up to as many new customers as possible, including those who speak Spanish. Ring Savvy is a service that can help small businesses effectively engage with Spanish speakers in their area, as we provide 24/7 bilingual phone answering services. Our team always has Spanish speaking receptionists available to answer a call on your behalf and make new Spanish speaking leads feel right at home.

Never again will your company be in a position where it receives a call from a Spanish speaker, but is unable to take them through a proper new customer intake process. Our receptionists will collect your Spanish speaking leads’ personal information and the details of their reasons for calling, and send it all to you in message form fully translated. With this system in place, you’ll be able to start marketing directly to Spanish speakers in your area, and gain a significant advantage over many of your competitors.

4- We Can Be Trusted To Handle New Customer Intake

Just providing a live receptionist to speak with callers isn’t enough these days. Once new prospects make first contact with your business, they’ll be looking to get started with your business as soon as possible. With this being the case, it is essential that the receptionist working your phones be highly skilled when it comes to taking leads through the new customer intake process and accurately collecting their information.

When training to become a member of Ring Savvy’s receptionist team, new hires go through months of extensive schooling on the new customer intake process. We don’t let our trainees answer phones for real companies until they’re truly an expert on performing customer intakes. This is why you can always trust our receptionists to perform intakes for your business flawlessly, and always make a positive first impression on your new leads.

5- We Can Serve As An Affordable Alternative To Hiring A Full-Time Receptionist

If your business requires a full-time receptionist to be successful, but the salary of a full-time receptionist is not something you can currently afford, you may find using our live answering service to be a much more viable option. Ring Savvy’s team of receptionists can not only fill the role of a small business’ office receptionist, but already come fully trained and ready to immediately help you capture new customers. The monthly cost of our service also tends to be significantly cheaper then the cost of paying an in-office employee.

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Ring Savvy customers have the ability to automatically forward their calls over to our service at any time. Our team will field all of your calls just like your receptionist would, even handling advanced tasks such as new customer intake, live call transferring and appointment scheduling. We also take the time to customize the service we provide towards your company, so that our receptionists come off to callers as a seamless extension of your business.

6- We’ll Keep You From Being Interrupted By Unwanted Calls

While most people have the luxury of sending incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers to voicemail, business owners usually feel an obligation to pick up all of their incoming calls, as they never know when a new customer opportunity will present itself. Unfortunately, this results in business owners having their day constantly interrupted by telemarketers and robocalls. In order for growing companies to avoid having their work days derailed by unwanted calls, they require an intelligent phone answering buffer between them and their callers.

Since 2013, Ring Savvy has been the first line of defense for thousands of businesses in their fight against telemarketing and robocalls. If you see an unfamiliar or suspicious looking phone number calling in, you can simply choose not to answer the call, and with our call forwarding system in place, the call will always be sent directly to a Ring Savvy receptionist. If the call does turn out to be of the unwanted nature, our receptionist will politely turn the caller away, and the work day of you and your staff members will never be interrupted.

7- We’ll Help You Actually Enjoy Your Time Off

Thanks to our live answering service, those who are running growing companies no longer have to make the choice between sacrificing invaluable vacation time or missing out on new customers. Ring Savvy users going on vacation have a number of options for handling new calls while they’re away. For example, if you decide to turn on full-time call forwarding for a week, all of your business’ incoming calls will immediately get transferred over to our service to be answered on the first ring by one of our receptionists.

While you’re away, your callers will still be receiving live attention and quality care, and you’ll have the ability to check in on new messages via your smartphone. We’ll send you recaps of every call you missed via text and emails, so you won’t have to spend your vacation stressing over what you might be missing out on. If one of the messages indicates that a caller’s situation is time sensitive, you can jump into action, knowing that you’re only interrupting your vacation time for a really good reason.

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