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How Using A Message Taking Service Can Keep Work From Overtaking Your Personal Life

Joe GalottiAugust 24th, 2020

When you commit to running a business you also commit to making a lot of sacrifices. There are going to be parties missed, dinners interrupted and weekends taken over by work. However, being the manager of a growing company should never mean having to completely sacrifice your personal time. At some point you need to be able to draw a line and say “I’m not going to answer the phone right now and that’s okay”.

Unfortunately, as we’ve already covered on this blog before, letting calls from new prospects and existing customers go to voicemail is completely unacceptable in today’s business world. So in order to enjoy quality time with family and friends, while avoiding neglecting important callers, you’re going to need some help from Ring Savvy’s message taking service. Here are some things we can do to make balancing work and personal time easier.

Our Team Is Always Available To Pick Up Calls

Even if you love your work and interacting with customers, you’re going to need some time where you can seperate yourself from the job. Being on call for your business 24/7 can lead to you becoming burnt out and overstressed, and also result in you being emotionally distant from the people you care about most. If you feel like you have no choice but to pick up calls during after hours and weekends, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case.

Ring Savvy’s receptionist team is available to answer calls on your company’s behalf 24/7. Whether a call comes in during the middle of the night, a Sunday afternoon or Christmas day, you can be sure that one of our virtual receptionists will be there to pick up your phone and provide live customer support. With the help of Ring Savvy, you can make work your top priority during working hours, and family and friends your top priority during non-working hours. You can always count on our highly trained receptionists to make the best possible impression on your new leads and existing customers.

We Make It Simple For You To View Messages

When we say that Ring Savvy allows business owners to not pick up the phone, we aren’t suggesting that you completely ignore your customers. Our goal is to help you capture as many new customers as possible, while only getting on the phone outside of normal working hours when it’s absolutely necessary. The way we achieve this is by making all new messages from callers available for viewing right from your smartphone.

Our receptionists are all highly experienced at performing customer intakes and taking messages. Anytime they answer a call on your company’s behalf, they’ll send all the information they recorded during the call to you via text and email. With our message taking service in place, all you have to do to monitor calls outside of normal working hours is look down at your smartphone. You’ll always know right away when a person can wait to be called back at a later time, or if their issue is urgent enough to warrant a call back right away. This will remove a great deal of stress from your personal time, and allow you to be at your most relaxed while away from work.

You Can Customize Message Information

At Ring Savvy we know that every business is unique, and is looking to collect specific information from their new leads and existing customers. This is why we allow business owners to completely personalize the way our receptionists engage with their customers. When setting up your account with us, you’ll have the opportunity to generate your own new customer intake questions and message taking scripts for our receptionists to follow.

By putting you in full control of how our message taking service operates, we’ll be able to get you the most relevant information from every new prospect and existing client we speak with on your behalf. We’ll also be able to present those details in a highly organized fashion that will be easy for you to process. You’ll know right away whether a matter is important enough to interrupt your personal time, and will be able to handle follow-up phone calls much faster, having already been fully briefed on their issue.

We Can Dispatch Messages To Specific Team Members

Many of the field services we work with will have our service dispatch new messages from callers to multiple team members. With Ring Savvy’s dispatching system, you can let us know which of your employees will be your main point of contact for particular days of the week and particular times of day. For example, if you want your assistant manager to be sent messages for all overnight calls, we can make that happen. Our message taking service can always be trusted to reach out to the correct member of your staff, making it easier for you to stay uninvolved during times in which you’re off the clock.

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