How You Can Customize Our Virtual Receptionist Service To Fit Your Business

Joe GalottiMay 8th, 2020

At Ring Savvy, one of our favorite compliments to receive from businesses we serve is “our customers have no idea they’re talking to an answering service”. Hearing this type of feedback tells us that we’re doing our job right.

While all businesses should feel comfortable reaching out for phone answering assistance, you never want to give off the impression to customers that you don’t have time for their calls, and are letting someone who knows nothing about your company handle your phones. That’s why at Ring Savvy we work tirelessly to not only get to know the businesses we work with, but come off as a seamless phone answering extension of every company we serve.

We’re proud to say that our virtual receptionist service has been successful in representing businesses from all different kinds of industries. Our ability to answer phones for a wide variety of companies is partly due to extensive training, but also largely a result of the customizable nature of our service. Upon signing up with Ring Savvy, you’ll quickly see that you have a great deal of input when it comes to how our receptionists represent your business.

You Decide When We Answer Your Phones

One of the first things you’ll get to determine when setting up an account with our virtual receptionist service is when you’d like an opportunity to answer your company’s calls, and when calls should be automatically forwarded to our team. For example, if you want the chance to pick up the phone during typical 9 to 5 business hours, but want your calls directly forwarded to us during the overnight, we can easily accommodate. You can also turn on and off call forwarding to our service at any time, making it easy for you to navigate unpredictable work days and ensure your callers always get the immediate live attention they seek.

You Decide How We Speak To Your Callers

We want our virtual receptionists to sound just like a receptionist working in your office, which is why we take the time to carefully script out how our receptionists should be addressing your callers. You’ll get to choose how our receptionists greet your callers, and personalize the greeting however you like. You can also pass along some basic information about your business to our team, so our receptionists will be able to answer frequently asked questions your company receives.

Perhaps most important of all, you’ll get to customize the list of questions our receptionists ask when taking callers through the new customer intake process. Simply inform us what information you need from first-time callers to your businesses, and our receptionists can be counted on to collect that information and send it over to you in a text and/or email message after the call concludes.

You Decide How To Use Our Advanced Features

Our virtual receptionists are trained to do a lot of different tasks, and likely will even be able to handle responsibilities that your current in-office staff can’t. How much you decide to utilize the wide variety of features provided by Ring Savvy is of course entirely up to you.

One feature almost all businesses we work with end up using is live call transferring. This gives you the ability to have calls transferred over to your phone line in real time, when certain conditions are met and recognized by our receptionist team members. For example, if you always want our receptionists to contact you for a live transfer opportunity whenever a customer calls in for the first time, we can make that happen.

Two other features we provide that you may want to take advantage of are bilingual phone answering and appointment scheduling. If you want to start connecting with Spanish speaking customers in your area, but need help communicating with them, just let our service handle their initial calls. We always have bilingual receptionists ready to greet new callers and take them through the new customer intake process. We can even send fully translated messages over to you after the call concludes. If you’d like help managing your calendar, our receptionists can schedule new appointments with callers directly into your existing calendar software. This is an optional service that we provide, but if you do decide to use it, you’ll get to determine which time slots are available for appointment books.

If you’re ready to try out Ring Savvy via a seven-day free trial, you can get the process started by filling out this form. If you’d like to discuss further customization options that may exist for your business, give us a call at 631-600-1100.