How Does A New Customer Intake Service Differ From A Basic Answering Service?

Joe GalottiJuly 16th, 2020

Most people know that Ring Savvy is a phone answering service for businesses. But, what a lot of people don’t know is that we’re also a new customer intake service.

For those unfamiliar with the term, new customer intake is essentially the process of getting to know a potential customer. It involves taking the prospect through a series of pre-scripted questions, which are designed to extract their important personal details and information on what they need from your business.

At Ring Savvy we take the new customer intake process quite seriously. A lot of our competitors barely address it. In this blog post we’ll talk about the importance of handling customer intake correctly, and why businesses would be foolish to choose a basic answering service over Ring Savvy.

Why Does New Customer Intake Matter?

New customer intake is the lifeblood of any business. Doing it right or wrong is often the difference between winning over or losing out on a new customer. When a new prospect calls your company for the first time, it is essential that you make a great first impression on them and come across as prepared and ready to assist as possible.

Consumers these days are always in a hurry, and could end up making a judgement on your entire business based on how that first phone call with your company goes. With this in mind, you’ll always want receptionists experienced in performing new customer intakes answering your calls. You want someone who will sound confident on the phone and know exactly what protocols to follow, so you can give you customers the impression that this isn’t your first rodeo and that their problems are already on the way to be solved.

A strong new customer intake process will include:

  • A request for a caller’s full name, phone number, and potentially their address depending on your type of business.
  • A series of questions on why the person is reaching out to your business, and what specific problems they are dealing with.
  • An explanation of what comes next in the process, whether it be the caller scheduling an appointment, or the caller receiving a follow-up call from your business. Never leave things open-ended, or give the caller any reason to shop around.

Having all of these things in place will not only inspire confidence in prospective customers, but will help your company stay organized and ready to tackle every new customer opportunity that comes its way.

Why Choose Ring Savvy Over The Competition

Despite new customer intake being such a crucial part of the lead capturing process, a lot of basic answering services out there don’t train their receptionists on performing it. These services are more concerned with getting through calls as quickly as possible, rather than doing the intake work necessary to win a new customer’s trust. This is why relying on a basic answering service for any extended period of time can be extremely harmful to a growing business, and end up wasting thousands of their marketing dollars. Even if they seem cheaper in the short term, they’ll cost you in the long run.

At Ring Savvy, we not only take all new prospects through a proper new customer intake process, but make sure our virtual receptionists are all experts on performing it. Before we allow any new receptionist hires to start answering calls on behalf of real companies, they have to go through months of extensive phone answering training, which includes heavy schooling on the new customer intake process. By the time our receptionists start working for real, they’ll know how to perform customer intakes for any industry, and handle the process with extreme confidence.

Another thing that allows Ring Savvy to be an elite new customer intake service, is our focus on the details. We don’t want to make it obvious to your callers that they’re talking to an outside service, so we work with business owners to create personalized customer intake scripts. These scripts include language and questions specific to your business, and will ensure you always receive the information you need to proceed with a new customer.

At the conclusion of every new intake performed by our team, you’ll receive text and email messages with all of the recorded details. No matter where you are throughout the day, you’ll always have the opportunity to review new customer opportunities right from your smartphone. Our messages are always extremely detailed and highly accurate.

We encourage all businesses to experience a 7-day free trial of our new customer intake service, and see the Ring Savvy difference for themselves.

To get started, fill out this form or call us with any questions at 631-250-5377.