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Reclaim Your Personal Life With A Message Taking Service For Plumbers

Tony PrietoApril 13th, 2022

Customers can’t afford to wait long to take action when an emergency happens. Water can be a destructive force, so when a customer’s basement is flooding due to a burst pipe or their toilet is overflowing, they’re going to be looking for a plumber as soon as possible. 

That, of course, is why it can be profitable to open your business up to late-night and weekend calls. But as the business owner, it can often fall on you to dispatch your technicians or do the jobs yourself if the person on call is sick or calls out. That means you have to be constantly on the lookout for phone calls, which can eat into your personal life and feel like you’re sacrificing it for your business.

Luckily, we here at Ring Savvy have a solution. With a message-taking service, you’ll be able to keep your business open 24/7 while still enjoying your free time. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll see from working with our virtual receptionist team.

Enjoy Your Nights And Weekends Without Interruption

If your business is open 24/7, you have customers calling at all hours, and have to answer every call to make sure to secure their business. If you’re sending late-night callers to voicemail, why be open to emergency calls at all? Because customers who reach your voicemail are likely to just try a different plumber, you need to answer every call, no matter when it comes in.

To keep your company from taking over your personal life, you need a message taking service. Many late-night callers will be happy to leave a message with a virtual receptionist, and those messages will be sent to you via text and email so you can follow up in the morning. If customers are just trying to schedule maintenance, our virtual receptionists can schedule them right into your calendar, on dates and times you’ve pre-approved so you’ll never be overbooked.

But what if your customers can’t wait till morning? What if they need you to dispatch a plumber to their home right away? Ring Savvy has a solution for that too.

Get Emergency Rates Without Sacrificing Sleep

As the business owner, if your company takes late night calls and you don’t have a dispatcher, you’re likely going to be the one calling your technicians and relaying information to them. If that’s costing you precious sleep, you need our intelligent dispatching system.

Our virtual receptionists can send your technicians out to jobs without interrupting your evening. All we’ll need is your schedule, technician contact information, and what you’d like us to tell your customers as we attempt to send someone to fix their plumbing. 

Here’s how it works: when a customer calls in with a burst pipe, our 24/7 virtual receptionists will greet them and ask the reason for their call. Once they have all the information your technician will need to complete the job, they’ll put the customer on hold and call your on-call technician. Then, the virtual receptionist will take the customer off hold and tell them that your technician is on their way. All while you catch up on your sleep! With Ring Savvy, you can take the emergency jobs you want without sacrificing too much of your time.

It’s Time To Relax And Let Ring Savvy Handle Your Phones

You work hard, often for longer than a standard work day, to keep your plumbing business running smoothly. Hire Ring Savvy to answer your phones, and work will stop leaking into your nights and weekends.

Ring Savvy’s plumbing answering service, and you’ll get much more than message-taking and dispatch. Our U.S.-based virtual receptionists are bilingual, so you can expand your business to target your local Spanish-speaking community. And if you already have someone answering your phones, our overflow call handling will make sure you never miss a call while still giving your staff a chance to take the calls themselves.

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