Podcast Episode 1: Exploring The Benefits Of Field Service Software With Melisa Meral of Workiz

Joe GalottiJune 21st, 2021

The Business Savvy podcast is now live! This new show from Ring Savvy will feature interviews with some of today’s top business minds, and offer a wide-range of best operating tips for those running field service companies. The inaugural episode of the podcast features an in-depth interview with Melisa Meral of Workiz. This episode covers everything field service business owners need to know about adopting new software technology for their company. 

In their conversation, Nick and Melisa cover:

  • Why field service companies need to be using software. 
  • Why you don’t need 55 apps on your phone anymore to run your business. 
  • What Workiz can do to help growing companies stay on track. 
  • How using software can help simplify your lead tracking process. 
  • Why offering customers the ability to pay online is a must. 

You can listen to Business Savvy episode one now on Spotify and Anchor. You can also watch a video version of the show on the Ring Savvy YouTube channel