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Podcast Episode 4: Home Service Millionaire Tommy Mello Shares His Secrets To Success

Joe GalottiSeptember 22nd, 2021

For episode 4 of the “Business Savvy” podcast, host Nick Werker welcomes Tommy Mello, CEO of A1 Garage Door Service Inc. and author of the Amazon best selling book “Home Service Millionaire”. This episode provides expert marketing tips from one the nation’s premier home service business owners. 

In their conversation, Nick and Tommy discuss:

  • Common marketing mistakes made by home service companies.
  • How to effectively market a home service company on a budget. 
  • Why home service companies shouldn’t be afraid to raise prices. 
  • What most great business leaders have in common. 
  • The advice Tommy Mello would give to his younger self. 

You can listen to Business Savvy now on Spotify and Anchor. You can also watch a video version of the show on the Ring Savvy YouTube channel