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Three Advantages Businesses Gain By Using A Bilingual Answering Service

Joe GalottiFebruary 9th, 2021

Did you know that Ring Savvy can answer phone calls for your business in both English and Spanish? That’s right! Whenever your company needs help communicating with a Spanish speaking customer over the phone, we’ll be able to provide a highly trained Spanish speaking virtual receptionist to speak with them on your behalf.

As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of advantages that come with being able to comfortably engage with Spanish speaking individuals in your area, especially if your competitors are still struggling to overcome language barrier issues. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the biggest benefits you’ll see from utilizing our bilingual answering service.

1- You’ll Have A Lot More Customers To Work With

According to data shared in a CNN report, an estimated 41 million US residents, or 13.5% of the population, speak Spanish at home. That same report revealed that there are an estimated 59.8 million Hispanic people in the United States, comprising 18.3% of the population.

These numbers would seem to indicate that a large majority of businesses in the U.S. have a high number of Spanish speakers located within their zip code that could potentially become customers for them. In fact, some companies may be missing out on a sizable portion of their potential customer base by not offering Spanish speaking receptionist services.

Signing up with Ring Savvy can change that instantly, as our 24/7 bilingual receptionist team will always be available to help you connect with Spanish speakers in your area. You can even begin marketing directly to the Spanish speaking people, informing them in your ads that you’ll have a Spanish speaking receptionist ready to take them through their initial call with your business.

2- Getting Started With Spanish Speaking Customers Becomes Much Simpler

Another thing we’re quite proud of when it comes to our virtual receptionist team is their ability to execute the new customer intake process. For those unfamiliar with the term, new customer intake is the procedure in which a receptionist gathers information from a first-time caller to a business. The receptionist executes the process by asking the caller a series of predetermined questions.

Before any of our new receptionist hires begin answering calls on behalf of real businesses like yours, they go through months of training on executing the new customer intake process. This level of training of course also applies to the Spanish speaking members of our receptionist team, which allows them to become a unique and extremely helpful resource to the companies we serve.

Anytime one of our receptionists answers a call from a Spanish speaker on your company’s behalf, they’ll be able to offer them a warm greeting, then begin taking them through the new customer intake process in the language they feel most comfortable with. The end result of this will be your business getting all the information it needs from a potential customer to start addressing their needs in a timely fashion.

3- You’ll Have More Opportunities For Five-Star Reviews

These days businesses can’t afford to ignore their online reputation, and must pay close attention to the reviews they receive via Google, Yelp and other similar platforms. As we’ve covered on this blog before, the reviews former customers leave on these sites about you will often end up heavily influencing the decisions of your potential future customers. With this being the case, it’s become more important than ever for companies to provide top notch customer service.

Having a bilingual answering service will make it clear to the Spanish speaking customers in your community that you really care about the experience they have with your business. Right from their very first phone call, you’ll be making them feel more at home, and eliminating a great deal of the stress that can come from calling up a business in a language you’re not completely fluent in. With the help of our receptionist team, you’ll get to the heart of their problems much quicker and will be able to provide immediate answers to their questions.

By providing an elite level of specialized care over the phone, you’ll be giving Spanish speaking customers every reason to fall in love with your business. Their appreciation for the work you do will often result in new five-star online reviews for your company. And getting glowing reviews from Spanish speaking customers will certainly have a positive impact on other Spanish speaking individuals that are considering reaching out to your business in the future.

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