Three Things To Know About Using An Answering Service For Heating Companies

Joe GalottiSeptember 24th, 2020

All of a sudden, there’s a chill in the air. Leaves are starting to fall. All of our beverages have now become pumpkin flavored.

That’s right, the summer is officially over, and so is relaxation time for those running heating companies. With winter just around the corner, many people in your area will be in a rush to address their heating systems and make sure they’re homes and businesses are equipped to handle low-dipping temperatures.

If you’re handling your marketing correctly, you should expect your company’s phones to be ringing off the hook during this time of year. Many heating businesses that have limited phone answering staff may find themselves quickly overwhelmed by calls, and as a result, end up missing out on some extremely valuable new customer opportunities.

If you want to give your company the chance to capture 100% of its new leads this season, you need to contact Ring Savvy now. Our answering service for heating companies is ready to help you provide superior customer service, and assist you in making the most of this busy period. Remember, more new leads captured equals more financial opportunity for your business. Let’s go over three things you should know about the Ring Savvy receptionist team.

We Provide 24/7 Phone Coverage

When a consumer suddenly loses heat, and it’s freezing outside, they usually won’t wait long to reach out for help. They certainly won’t respect any hours of business operation you have listed on your website. If a person loses heat during the middle of the night, they’ll keep on calling heating companies until they find one that provides them with a live person to speak with right away. And more times than not, whoever picks up first, gets the customer. If you’re still relying on your voicemail to capture new leads, expect to miss out on a ton of new business.

When using Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionist team, offering live customer service for overnight and weekend callers is simple. Our service operates on a 24/7 basis, meaning that our receptionist team will always be there to field any calls you and your staff can’t get to within the first few rings. If you get a call in the middle of the night, you won’t feel obligated to pick it up yourself, knowing that one of our virtual receptionists will be there to talk to your potential new customer.

Our receptionists have been extensively trained on answer calls for heating companies, and can be trusted to make the right first impression on your new prospects. They’ll make your callers feel heard, and let them know they’ve reached the right place for help. If the call is regarding a non-urgent issue, our receptionist will take a message from the caller and send the message to you via text and email right after the call concludes. When a caller is dealing with a heating emergency, and is in need of immediate attention, our receptionists can take further action.

We Can Transfer You In For Emergency Calls

When getting set up with Ring Savvy, you’ll get to choose specific call handling protocols for every situation. For example, many of the heating companies we work with want to be contacted every time they get a call regarding a new business opportunity. So if our service handles an overnight call, and it’s regarding an emergency heating issue, we can ask the caller to wait on hold for a moment, and attempt to contact you for a live transfer opportunity.

When being contacted for these opportunities, you’ll first be briefed by our virtual receptionist on who the caller is and what they are calling about. Our receptionist will then ask you if you’d like to have the call transferred over to your line or let our service take a message on your behalf. With this system in place, you’ll always be given the chance to talk with potential customers in real time, and step in and offer them comfort during their hour of need. Being that invaluable lifeline for new customers can often lead to repeat business and referrals.

We Can Set Up An Intelligent Dispatching Process

One of the best things about our answering service for heating companies is that we can work with your entire staff. We understand that not all business owners will want to be the first person on call when a customer reaches out with an overnight request. If you prefer to have a certain member of your staff handling live transfer requests during certain time periods (ex: overnights, weekends, holidays), our service can ensure that it happens.

Through our intelligent dispatching protocols, set up by you with the help of our account executives and support team, you can easily determine who our receptionists reach out to first during certain time frames. This makes it simpler for you and your staff to provide callers with real time support when emergency situations arise. Your dispatching protocols can also be changed at any time, simply by calling or emailing our support team.

Stop leaving your customers out in the cold! Get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy now by filling out this form or calling us at 631-600-1111 with any questions.