Webinar Presentation: How To Get Booked & Paid Faster In Your Home Service Business

Joe GalottiApril 30th, 2021

On April 28, Ring Savvy marketing director Nick Werker shared the screen with Workiz’s Melisa Meral to present a webinar called “From Intake To Invoice: How To Get Booked & Paid Faster in Your Home Service Business''. Their conversation covered how to take control of your customer communication and streamline the process from lead to payment and everywhere in between. You can watch the full webinar in the video below!

During this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the best possible first impression on new leads. 
  • Avoid costly customer intake mistakes.
  • Set up standardized processes and dispatching schedules. 
  • Increase your odds of getting paid on time by customers.
  • Use innovative services and softwares to help power your business.

Want to talk more about how your business can improve its customer communication and lead capturing efforts? Give our team a call at 631-363-1000. 

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