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5 Types of Businesses That Need To Be Using A 24 Hour Answering Service

Joe GalottiFebruary 14th, 2020

For many business owners, the work day doesn’t start at nine and end at five. Companies that offer repair, home buying, or financial services will get a lot of urgent requests from their customers, and those requests will often come during after hours and weekends. In order to meet their maximum income potential, and ensure that they’re always available for customers during their time of need, these businesses need to be ready to answer phone calls 24/7.

Of course hiring in-office receptionists to field business calls 24/7 is simply unrealistic. Even if you could find receptionist staff to work overnights and weekends, the salary costs would be too much for growing companies to handle. The better call handling solution is turning to Ring Savvy, and our team of 24/7 virtual receptionists. Ring Savvy is a much more affordable receptionist option, as rather than charging you a certain rate per hour, we’ll only charge you for the minutes our receptionists spend answering your calls.

Below, we’ll clue you in on five of the businesses that will benefit most from Ring Savvy’s 24/7 answering service.

Plumbing Companies

When things break down in a person’s bathroom, waiting to get them fixed isn’t really an option. If something is leaking, it could result in thousands of dollars worth of damage in a home. Showers and toilets that are out of order could provide a major inconvenience for the families that depend on them daily. With all this being true, it’s easy to understand why customers calling into a plumbing business won’t be interested in leaving a voicemail and waiting for a call back. If they don’t get a live answer during their first call in, they’ll likely just move on to calling another plumbing business right away.

When using Ring Savvy, plumbing companies can confidently advertise that they’re open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our virtual receptionist team will be there to make sure every single one of their incoming calls gets answered, no matter if the call comes at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday or 2 p.m. on a Saturday. Our receptionists will provide panicked customers with a caring and knowledgeable voice, already an improvement over the cold impression an automated machine will leave. Ring Savvy receptionists will then move on to trying to get a member of the plumbing company’s staff on the phone. You let us know who our main point of contact should be when urgent new customers situations arise, and our receptionist will reach out to that person’s designated direct line and give them the option to take on the call. This ensures that plumbing businesses always have a chance to speak with customers seeking immediate attention in real time, and have the best chance to win over their business.

HVAC Businesses

Much like those with plumbing issues, consumers experiencing heating and air conditioning problems are not likely to exhibit much patience when reaching out for professional help. When dealing with brutal winter conditions or blazing hot summer weather, they simply can’t afford to. Having Ring Savvy’s 24 hour answering service is a must for HVAC businesses during busy seasons, as HVAC customers will more times than not end up going with the first company that provides them a competent live voice over the phone.

The way Ring Savvy addresses HVAC issues is similar to the way we address those in need of plumbing assistance. Our receptionists know that the customer’s situation is likely urgent, and will always work quickly to get their issue resolved. When customers call in regarding emergency issues, our receptionists will have the ability to transfer the call over to you or a trusted technician right away. For HVAC companies, Ring Savvy offers an on-call dispatch system. Under this system, HVAC owners can put specific technicians on call for certain nights, and when an emergency situation arises, we’ll know to contact the technician designated for that time slot first. We’ll always make sure customers get the appropriate attention they require, and get it without delay.

Real Estate Companies

Those who work for real estate companies will really see the benefits of using a 24 hour answering service, because some of their most significant calls will come outside of normal office hours. From nine to five during weekdays, most real estate clients will be busy at their own office jobs, and will have limited amounts of time to devote to buying and selling matters. But, once 5 p.m. hits, realtors can expect a ton of phone calls from clients looking to capitalize on new opportunities. Ring Savvy can make sure realtors are always ready for those calls, even if they’ve already clocked out of their office for the day.

Ring Savvy’s 24 hour answering service makes working out of office incredibly simple. Any calls to your office phone that you are unable to pick up, will be fielded by one of our highly trained virtual receptionists. Our receptionist will greet the caller and ask how they can be of assistance. Once our receptionist takes note of who is calling and their reason for calling, they will move on to reaching out to a designated direct line of your choosing. If you can’t be reached (perhaps you’re enjoying dinner with the family), you can count on our virtual receptionist to take a customer message on your behalf, and send that message to you for easy viewing via text and/or email. We’ll help make sure you’re always in the loop on what’s going on with your clients, allowing you to act accordingly and never miss out on new opportunities.

Finance Businesses

Companies in charge of handling large sums of money or managing people’s financial futures, usually end up fielding a ton of customer questions over the phone. This is far from surprising, as finance businesses often control the fate of a consumer’s career, home life, and future. Sending a customer to voicemail during a time of high stress and failing to provide answers to their pressing questions is not likely to leave the best impression or make them feel confident about your business handling their future investments. That is why finance companies need to be ready to answer their customers questions and concerns on a 24/7 basis.

When using Ring Savvy, you’ll always have knowledgeable receptionists ready to talk to your customers and guide them through their questions and concerns. All of our virtual receptionists have gone through months of extensive training on proper phone etiquette and handling various call handling situations. They can always be trusted to make the right decision when problems or urgent situations arise, and help you get in touch with your customers in a hurry. Our receptionists are great at impressing new potential clients as well. Using information provided by you, our receptionists can answer any common FAQs callers might have about your business. Having your receptionists be able to actually answer basic questions will inspire a lot more confidence in prospects, than just having them hear “I’m not sure” over and over again.

IT Companies

Very few businesses these days run without the help of computers. In fact, it’s pretty fair to say that most companies are quite dependent on computers and the internet to accomplish even the simplest of work tasks. In fact, many modern day businesses have phone systems that are completely reliant upon having an internet connection, so without an internet connection they aren’t able to receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. This is why in the technology world, IT businesses are truly thought of as emergency workers. When issues arise with a computer or their internet connection, it is important that a business resolves them quickly, in order to keep their work days from becoming completely derailed. And in order for IT companies to provide emergency level care, they need a 24/7 answering service like Ring Savvy.

If a customer reaches out for help hours before your offices open, or over the weekend when your offices are closed, one of our virtual receptionists will always be there to offer them immediate support. We’ll make them feel cared for by listening to their problems, empathizing with their issue, and letting them know that help is just around the corner. Of course the next step will be getting an on-call member of the IT company’s staff on the phone as quickly as possible, with the help of our intelligent dispatching system. We’ll make sure IT businesses are always able to provide exceptional customer service.

Ring Savvy’s 24/7 answering service can provide all businesses support in one way or another. To learn more about the many services we provide, check out this page!

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