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How Teaming Up With A Spanish Speaking Answering Service Can Help You Earn Repeat Business

Joe GalottiApril 9th, 2021

Customers will almost always take notice when a business goes the extra mile for them. While cost and availability usually end up determining whether a consumer uses a company the first time around, they’ll typically only hire that company again if they feel that they are being cared for and their needs are being attended to. 

For those who speak Spanish as a first language, and don’t feel confident engaging in English, finding a business that’s willing to go the extra mile in meeting their communication needs means everything. Unfortunately, most U.S. businesses don’t make attending to these needs a priority and make it quite difficult for Spanish speakers to get started with using their services.

No matter what industry you work in, you’ll always want as many returning customers as possible. It just makes life easier, especially when your advertising campaigns are slumping. With an estimated 13.5% of the U.S. population now speaking Spanish at home, ignoring Spanish speaking individuals’ needs means losing out on a ton of potential repeat business. In this blog post, we’ll show you how easy it actually is for businesses to provide bilingual receptionist services, and make Spanish speaking consumers feel right at home using their company. 

What Options Do You Have For Engaging With Spanish Speaking Callers? 

There are two ways to go about addressing this issue. The most obvious solution would be to hire a Spanish speaking receptionist to your staff. Doing so ensures that when Spanish speaking individuals call in during normal business hours, you’ll have a person ready to help take them through the process of becoming a customer in the language they’re most comfortable with. While going this route will certainly make many of your Spanish speaking callers happy, there are a few big issues. 

A lot of growing businesses probably won’t feel inclined to go this route because it may be financially difficult to do so. Hiring a new full-time employee is a big cost, and receptionists that can speak multiple languages typically are in high demand and won’t come cheap. Also, assuming your new receptionist hire only works 40 hours each week, that still leaves you with 128 hours a week without Spanish speaking receptionist coverage. 

The Better Solution: A Spanish Speaking Answering Service

Why go the phone answering service route? Well if you choose a company like Ring Savvy, you’ll get 24/7 bilingual receptionist coverage. This means that anytime a Spanish speaking consumer calls into your business, we’ll have a highly trained Spanish speaking receptionist ready to work on behalf of your company and welcome them in their preferred language. Even if the consumer calls in the middle of the night or during the weekend, our team will be there to offer a live response. 

Using Ring Savvy also tends to be significantly cheaper than hiring a new full-time employee for your business. We offer a variety of pricing plans that fit the needs of all different sized companies. Our company also never charges extra to use its premium features, such as live call transferring, advanced call screening, and of course bilingual phone answering. 

Get more information about our pricing here.  

How Does A Spanish Speaking Answering Service Work?  

With Ring Savvy it’s incredibly simple! Anytime a Spanish speaking individual calls your business, one of our bilingual receptionists can take the call on your behalf, and greet them in Spanish. Right away the caller will feel more at ease, knowing that they can speak with full confidence and not be hesitant about asking questions. From there our receptionist will begin taking your caller through the new customer intake process, which is a procedure in which our receptionist gathers information from your first-time caller by asking them a series of predetermined questions. You’ll of course get to personalize the intake questions we ask. 

After the call concludes, you’ll receive text and email messages from our service. In these messages, our receptionist will recap everything that was covered during the call, including the caller’s background information, and what they are requesting of your company. The message will of course be fully translated. With the new lead already captured, you’ll be able to take your time in figuring out how to best proceed in assisting the Spanish speaking customer and making their customer experience as enjoyable as possible.

Final Thoughts

Making a great first impression is crucial to earning the trust of Spanish speaking consumers, and with the support of Ring Savvy, you’ll never have a problem doing so. All of your relationships with Spanish speakers will get off on the right foot, as we’ll make their onboarding process completely painless. Once they see how easy it is to request help from your company, they’ll have no hesitation in doing so when they need help again. They may even refer your business to their family and friends! 

Start enjoying all of the benefits that come from using a Spanish speaking answering service. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy by filling out this form or calling us at 631-363-1000.