Why Ring Savvy Is A Live Answering Service Real Estate Professionals Love Using

Joe GalottiMay 19th, 2021

As a real estate professional you’re counted on to be a real life superhero for your clients. When people are trying to buy the home of their dreams or make a major sale, they rely upon you to be available at a moment’s notice to offer guidance and make big problems go away. 

Being a real life superhero is of course a lot of pressure, and like every great hero, you’ll need a great sidekick in order to consistently perform at your best. And for real estate professionals there is no better support system than Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionist team. Our service makes it possible for you to outperform competitors, maintain a proper work-life balance and always be there for your clients when they need you most. 

Below we’ll provide details on why Ring Savvy is a live answering service real estate professionals can’t afford to be without. 

We’ll Give Your Clients 24/7 Live Support

Making major real estate decisions can leave your clients feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed. And the last thing you’ll want to do when they call you with an important question or looking for an update, is send them to your voicemail. Letting clients reach your voicemail during times of need will leave them incredibly frustrated, and could end up fracturing your relationship. 

While it’s virtually impossible for you to be on call for clients 24/7, you can always give them a live representative of your company to speak with. Signing up with Ring Savvy ensures that all of the calls you can’t get to will be picked up by a member of our highly trained virtual receptionist team. Whether the call comes in during the middle of the night or a weekend afternoon, one of our receptionists will be there to answer it and give your clients an actual human being to engage with. 

Having our 24/7 receptionist team in place for your business will accomplish two major things. 1) Your clients won’t feel like they are being neglected and will be more patient and understanding as they wait to hear back from you about an issue. 2) You’ll be able to comfortably miss a call without it being the end of the world, and will know that even when you need to take a moment for yourself, your clients will still be receiving elite care. 

We’ll Make Staying On Top Of Client Messages Super Easy

You’ve probably been in the position before where you’re with a client, and you receive a voicemail message from another client. Checking in on your new voicemail and recording important details can be quite the annoying task, especially when you’re trying to give the client in front of you your full attention. Of course you can always wait till later to check up on voicemails, but you may regret doing so if the messages you receive are regarding urgent matters. 

Ring Savvy makes monitoring new client messages extremely simple. As you already know, any calls you can’t get to throughout the day, will be picked up by a member of our receptionist staff. Any new messages they collect from your existing clients, or any new customer intake information they gather from a potential new client, will be sent to you via text and email message right after the call ends. All of the information you need about a recent caller will be available for viewing right on your smartphone. 

The messages our service sends you will be highly detailed and organized. Instead of having to call up your voicemail, you can simply take a quick look down at your smartphone, and know right away whether or not a caller requires immediate follow-up. If you do need to excuse yourself to call another client back, you’ll know you're doing it for a really important reason. Our message taking services will end up being extremely useful not just during busy work days, but also during dinners with family and friends, vacation time and of course when you’re trying to sleep at night. 

We’ll Help You Impress New Leads

Another reason Ring Savvy is a live answering service real estate professionals love using is because we greatly improve their odds of winning over potential new clients. Our service will ensure that new leads always get to speak with a live person during their first call to your company, and won’t be scared off by having to interact with your voicemail. Our receptionists have been trained to become lead capturing experts, and will guarantee that your company always leaves the right first impression on prospective clients. 

One of the great things Ring Savvy offers for real estate professionals is live call transferring services. If you’d like, our receptionists can contact you directly anytime they field a call from a potential new client. After our receptionist places the caller on hold, they’ll call you to inform you of the new opportunity, and see if you’d like the call transferred over to your preferred line. You’ll have the chance to speak with a new lead in real time, or just let our skilled virtual receptionist take your new lead through the new customer intake process themselves, and execute the process using specific intake questions of your choosing. 

Ring Savvy is a highly customizable service, meaning that you’ll get a significant amount of control over how we direct your calls, engage with your callers and interact with you. And of course you can change your call handling settings at any time by simply making a call or sending an email to our customer support team. 

Now that you know the basics of why Ring Savvy is a live answering service real estate professionals love using, it’s time to check out our service for yourself. You can get started with a 7-day free trial now by filling out this form or calling us at 631-363-1000.