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Electricians: Here's Why Your Business Needs A Message Taking Service

Tony PrietoMay 2nd, 2022

Do you feel like your job description gets longer every day? As both an electrician and an entrepreneur, you have to go out on the job and run a business, and often end up with the leftover work that doesn’t have a specialized employee to complete it.

If you don’t have a receptionist, one of those jobs is answering the phone. It can sometimes feel like your phone runs your business, and you only manage it. After all, your business relies on those phone calls, and answering isn’t easy. Customers are looking for stellar service immediately. If you’ve got a pile of other work to do, you might rush the phone call or make a mistake and drive a customer away.

With a message taking service, you can wrest control of your business back from your phone. When you always have a capable virtual receptionist answering your calls, you’ll experience fewer interruptions and capture more customers. Below, we’ll go into more detail as to why electricians shouldn’t be without a message taking service.

You Can’t Afford Distractions On The Job

We don’t need to tell you that electrical work is dangerous. No matter how many years you’ve been on the job, a major shock or fall are always possibilities, especially if you get distracted by a phone call. That’s why a message taking service is a must for electricians!

Think of it this way: as important as it is to always be on the lookout for new leads calling in for help, most of the other calls you receive don’t have to be answered immediately. Existing customers know you’ll get back to them, and you can always ignore spam calls. The problem is, sometimes you don’t know who’s calling until you pick up the phone, and at that point you’ve already been distracted and interrupted.

With a message taking service screening your calls, you can focus on the work you’re doing without worrying about picking up the phone every time it rings. Your virtual receptionists will greet your callers warmly and ascertain the reason for their call, then take a message and send it to you right away so you can review it when you get a chance. They’ll also screen any and all spam calls that come your way, so you’ll never deal with that particular annoyance again.

Your Voicemail Doesn’t Secure Enough Customers

You might think, “Well, if I’m not answering the calls myself, why not let them go to voicemail?” And while that may once have been a good idea, voicemail has been on a decline for a long time. The truth is, your customers hate your voicemail. In today’s on-demand world, your new leads are more likely to call another electrician than leave a voicemail and wait for you to return their call. With a message taking service, you can ditch voicemail. Your virtual receptionists will greet every caller personally and perform new customer intakes. Your prospective customers will be much less likely to call another electrician once they’ve described their issue to a live receptionist, and received their assurance that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

If you’d still like to give your new customers the personal touch they expect from your business, you can have your virtual receptionist reach out to you when new customers call. That way you can have those calls transferred to your phone to handle them personally, while still avoiding all the other calls that might keep you from getting your work done.

Your Follow Up Needs To Be Quick And Effective

If you’re fielding calls on the job now, how do you keep track of customer information? It’s likely you stop what you’re doing and create a contact file on your phone with notes about who that person is. But do you have easy access to that information when you need it?

With a message taking service, you won’t have to worry about taking notes or digging them out of your phone when following up on new customers. At the end of every call, you’ll receive a detailed message with the contents of that call in your email or text inbox. You’ll always know where that information is, and will be able to call your prospective customer back with everything you need to secure their business.

The best way to secure a new lead is to speak to them as soon as possible. Ideally, that would be during their first call, but the realities of electrical work make that a difficult goal to achieve. The next best thing is to call them back with all the information from their first call as soon as possible. That way they’re not waiting too long for your follow up, and they won’t have to repeat themselves. Your customers will appreciate not having to repeat themselves, and will feel like you’re paying attention to their unique needs.

Ring Savvy Will Take Answering Off Your Hands

If you’re looking for someone to handle your calls while you’re on the job, look no further. Ring Savvy’s message taking service for electricians will help your business thrive. With our help, you’ll secure more customers and have fewer distractions on the job.

All the features discussed above are part of Ring Savvy’s message taking service, specifically built with businesses like yours in mind. In addition, our virtual receptionists can schedule appointments into your calendar, enabling them to secure more customers for your business. Our virtual receptionists are bilingual and available 24/7 as well, which will help you expand your customer base and maybe even corner local markets.

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