Five Ways Ring Savvy’s Message Taking Service Can Simplify Your Holiday Season

Joe GalottiNovember 30th, 2020

We’ve reached the final stretch of 2020. If you’ve been running a small business this year, you’ve been through a lot, and are no doubt exhausted. We’re sure you’d love to take a few much-deserved weeks off, so you can spend some quality time with family and mentally recharge for the new year.

The only problem is that heating systems don’t stop breaking down during the holidays. Toilets don’t stop clogging. Falling leaves don’t stop overtaking backyards. Houses and office complexes don’t stop getting dirty. If you work in HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, cleaning, or other similar types of industries, you’ll be sacrificing a lot of new business by ignoring work phone calls.

Fortunately, thanks to Ring Savvy’s message taking service, small business owners will no longer have to choose between making more money or spending time with loved ones during the month of December. With the help of our virtual receptionist team you’ll easily be able to do both. Here are five ways using our service can make your final weeks of 2020 significantly easier.

1- We’ll Always Be There To Speak With Callers

For those that don’t already know, Ring Savvy provides 24/7 phone answering coverage for all of the businesses we work with. Anytime you and your staff can’t get to the phone, a member of our virtual receptionist team will be there to professionally greet and engage your callers. Many Ring Savvy customers will choose to turn on full-time call forwarding to our service during this time of year, which entails all of a company’s calls being directly forwarded to our message taking service. For a few days or even a few weeks our team can take over your full call handling responsibilities, and make sure your existing and future customers aren’t being neglected. Meanwhile, you’ll get to continue decorating your home and exchanging presents completely uninterrupted.

2- We’ll Keep You Updated With Messages

We know that during your vacation time you’ll still want to keep tabs on your business. Ring Savvy makes it possible to do so without having to pick up calls. Instead, let our receptionists answer your calls and handle the lengthy phone conversations on your behalf. At the conclusion of each call answered by our team, you’ll receive a message, notifying you that someone has called your office, along with full details of what the call was regarding. These messages get sent directly to you via text and email, so following along with potential new business opportunities will be as easy as looking down at your phone. You won’t even have to get up from the big comfy chair in your living room or put down your eggnog.

3- We Can Contact You When Urgent Matters Arise

Still want the chance to speak with new customers in real time during your holiday break? Simply let us know, and we’ll have our receptionist team members contact your preferred line anytime they identify a caller as a new customer. How does this work exactly? Well our receptionist will first gather some basic information about the new prospect, then ask them to wait on hold for a brief moment. They’ll then contact you to see if you are available to have the customer’s calls transferred over to your line. In cases where you can’t get to the phone, our receptionist will perform a new customer intake on your behalf and send the new prospect’s full information over to you in message form after the call concludes.

4- We’ll Keep Irrelevant Callers Away

Making time for important customer calls during the holiday season is one thing, but absolutely no one wants to be disturbed by telemarketers or robocalls while they’re engaging in their favorite holiday traditions. We know this is the time of year in which you’re looking to cut down on stress and aggravation, which is exactly why Ring Savvy provides 24/7 advanced call screening. When our customers receive a phone call from an unfamiliar or suspicious looking number, they’ll always have the ability to ignore it and let our receptionist team handle it on their behalf. If a call does end up being sales related, we’ll politely send the caller packing and make sure they never reach your line. Sorry, try again next year, telemarketers.

5- We Can Schedule Future Appointments On Your Behalf

Our service can make sure your work calendar is nice and full when the holiday season ends. Ring Savvy virtual receptionists will not only perform new customer intakes on behalf of the businesses we serve, but can schedule new appointments for them as well. It should be noted that this is an optional service, but if you would like to take advantage of this feature, Ring Savvy should have no issues integrating with your existing calendar software. Company owners can simply let us know which time slots in their calendar are available for booking, and we’ll work with your callers to get something setup. When you return from your holiday break, you can get to work right away on making 2021 your best year ever.

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