How Our New Customer Intake Service Makes Your New Leads Feel Right At Home

Joe GalottiJuly 29th, 2020

These days consumers have a lot of options for help, so it’s crucially important that your first phone calls with new leads end up going well. In order to leave the right impression on potential customers, you’ll need to not only have a well thought-out plan in place for performing new customer intakes, but phone answering staff capable of expertly carrying out those intakes.

Since 2013, countless companies across the U.S. have trusted Ring Savvy’s receptionist team to speak with their new leads over the phone and help them win new business. In this blog post, we’ll explain why you should feel confident using our new customer intake service, and what our service does to give you a higher chance at winning over new prospects.

Our Virtual Receptionists Are Intake Experts

How does one become a member of Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionist team? Well, all of our new receptionist hires must go through months of extensive phone training before being allowed to answer the phone on behalf of actual businesses. A significant portion of this training period is centered around learning how to handle new customer intakes. We take as much time as needed to get our trainees really good at performing customer intake for all different types of businesses. Industries we provide specific intake training for include (but are not limited to), HVACLandscapingPlumbingReal EstateConstruction, and Automotive.

The end result of all this training is Ring Savvy passing along the best possible receptionist service to the companies it serves. Whenever a new lead contacts your business for the first time, you can feel assured that a member of our receptionist team will be there to answer the call right away, greet the caller in a polite and welcoming fashion, and accurately retrieve your caller’s personal information and the details of their reason for calling. No matter what situation arises in an exchange with a prospective customer, our receptionists will be ready to handle it, and will send you a message with all of your new lead’s intake information after the call concludes.

You Get The Chance To Customize Our Intake Process

A lot of phone answering services struggle mightily when it comes to making customers feel at home, because they use basic greetings and follow generic scripts. With Ring Savvy, it’s a much different story, as business owners get the chance to customize our virtual receptionists interactions with their callers. Our receptionists can use personalized greetings, answer basic FAQs about your company, and ask new customer intake questions of your choosing.

When setting up your Ring Savvy account, we’ll walk you through our entire customization process, and give you the chance to decide what intake questions our team should be asking new callers. Doing this will ensure that you’re always getting the best possible information back from new leads, and are able to appropriately handle new customer opportunities. Having our team ask relevant questions during the intake process, will also result in your new leads feeling more confident about your ability to solve their problems. By asking the right questions of potential customers, you’ll be showing them that you have an established intake process in place, and that your business truly knows what it’s doing.

We Perform Intakes In Spanish Too!

Ring Savvy is proud to not only be a top notch new customer intake service, but also an elite bilingual answering service. In fact, a significant portion of our virtual receptionist team speaks both English and Spanish. We always have bilingual receptionists on duty, ready to address the needs of the Spanish speaking callers, and take them through the new customer intake process.

When a Spanish speaker calls into your company for the first time, just let our team handle the call on your behalf. We’ll allow your Spanish speaking lead to communicate in the language they’re most comfortable in, take them through a proper customer intake process, and get all of their information over to you in message form right after the call concludes. All message details will be fully translated. Being able to perform new customer intakes in Spanish could end up being a major competitive advantage for your business, especially if many of your competitors are unable to do so.

Our new customer intake service will always go above and beyond in helping your business capture new leads. To see firsthand the impact our team can make, get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy now. Begin by filling out this form or call us at 631-250-2794 with any questions.