How Using A Bilingual Answering Service Can Elevate Your Business

Joe GalottiMarch 6th, 2020

Did you know that according to CNN, there are now 41 million US residents (13.4% of the population) that speak Spanish at home? No matter where you are in the country these days, you are likely to have a sizable group of Spanish speaking individuals in your community. With this being the case, can any modern business afford not to be engaging with Spanish speakers in their area.

One of the things that makes Ring Savvy an elite answering service choice is our bilingual receptionist team. Our call center is always stocked with receptionists who speak Spanish as a first-language, meaning any company that uses our service will be given the ability to easily communicate with their Spanish speaking callers. In this post, we’ll explain how our bilingual answering service provides more financial opportunity for growing businesses.

How Our Bilingual Receptionist Team Can Impact Your Business

Making customers feel as comfortable as possible during their first call to your company is extremely important when it comes to capturing new leads. When people whose preferred spoken language is Spanish dial into your business for the first time, you can imagine how much more at ease they will be if they get to engage with a Spanish speaking receptionist. People who may not feel fully comfortable expressing themselves in English will immediately start feeling at home communicating with your business, and will know right out of the gate that your company truly cares about their needs.

Ring Savvy’s bilingual answering service operates on a 24/7 basis. So literally anytime a Spanish speaking individual reaches out to your business (holidays included), you’ll always have a Spanish speaking receptionist available to help make the potential customer’s first impression of your company a positive one. How does the process work exactly? Well when our receptionist team identifies one of your callers as a Spanish speaker, they will get them on the phone with a bilingual member of our receptionist team right away. From there, one of our highly fluent Spanish speaking receptionist will begin talking with your caller and finding out their reason for reaching out to your business.

Before we get into what our receptionists will do next, just take a moment to consider how much offering bilingual phone services can impact your marketing. You’ll now be able to promote the fact that your company speaks both English and Spanish over the phone, and can even feel comfortable producing ads entirely in Spanish. If the Spanish speaking demographic in your community is currently being underserved for your industry, this could give you a tremendous competitive advantage, and help you earn countless new customers.

How Our Bilingual Staff Converts New Leads Into Paying Customers

While we’re proud of the fact that Ring Savvy is a bilingual answering service, we know that simply providing Spanish speakers to answer the phone won’t do you much good. In order to capture the business of Spanish speaking leads, you’ll need a receptionist that is highly trained in handling business related calls, experienced in performing new customer intakes and an expert at message taking. At Ring Savvy, we’re proud to say that all of our bilingual receptionists meet those qualifications.

While other phone answering services may hire a Spanish speaking receptionist and have them answering phone calls right away, Ring Savvy has new bilingual hires go through months of phone answering training before they are allowed to answer calls on behalf of real businesses. Our receptionist team is already fully staffed with Spanish speakers, so we never feel compelled to rush a new hire’s training process. This way when using our service, you’ll always know you’re only getting the very best bilingual receptionist care.

After our receptionist greets one of your Spanish speaking leads, they will begin to take them through the new customer intake process, using questions that have been pre-customized by your business. After our receptionist has recorded all of your caller’s information, they will send that information to you fully translated via text and/or email message. After the call concludes, and you have the message information available to you, you can determine the best way to go about addressing the new prospect’s needs.

To see our bilingual answering service at work, and the impact Ring Savvy can make on your company’s bottom line, we recommend signing up for a free 7-day trial of our service. Getting started is as simple as filling out this form or calling 631-600-1100.