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How An HVAC Answering Service Helps Your Small Business Grow

Tony PrietoMarch 14th, 2022

There are two different meanings to the word “growth” when it comes to HVAC, and which one comes to mind first depends on what stage your business is in. If you’re still in the early stages of growth, you probably think of growth as expanding your customer base.

The more customers you’re servicing, after all, the more money is coming into your business. The best way to grow your customer base is, of course, an investment in marketing. You have to make your business stand out amongst all the competition, so that you can get those phone calls and start servicing more customers.

Meanwhile, if your customer base is already substantial, you may think of growth as increasing in size by hiring more technicians. This is another investment, of both time and money: time in finding and training the right people, and money in paying them. But it’s an investment that will pay dividends, because the more technicians you have, the more customers you’ll be able to service.

That’s the key to growth: once it’s started, it will keep feeding into itself. Both expanding your customer base and hiring more staff are investments; you have to spend money to make money, after all. But there’s a third investment small HVAC business owners can make that will help your business grow: an HVAC answering service. 

What Is an HVAC Answering Service?

An HVAC answering service is a tool that will field your phone calls on your behalf. Instead of hiring a receptionist or answering the phones yourself, Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionists will answer the phone with a greeting you design, ensuring that customers always feel they’ve reached an extension of your business.

With hundreds of U.S.-based virtual receptionists, Ring Savvy’s HVAC answering service will ensure you never miss a call, for any reason. Stuck on a job and need to concentrate? Or maybe it’s your lunch hour, and you miss a new customer’s call. Rather than relying on voicemail, you can rely on an HVAC answering service to make sure you’re always snagging new customers.

Now that we’ve discussed what an HVAC answering service does, let’s talk about some of the ways Ring Savvy can help grow your business.

Ditch Your Voicemail and Secure New Customers With Lead Capturing

Investing in an HVAC answering service means your other investments in marketing and hiring will pay off. After all, you spend so much time and money on your marketing strategy. Why let that money go to waste by not securing all the new customers who need your services?

That’s why you need to answer every phone call. Voicemail just doesn’t cut it anymore; if someone reaches your voicemail, they’re likely to move on to a competitor who will answer their call right away. The modern consumer is used to instant gratification, and they apply that standard to everything.

Here at Ring Savvy, our virtual receptionists are experts at lead-capturing. When prospective customers call your business, our HVAC answering service will answer the phone and immediately start gathering the caller’s information. If you’re available, our virtual receptionists will try to transfer you to the caller so that you can make sure you secure their business.

If not, our virtual receptionists will perform a new customer intake, asking questions you design to make sure you get all the information necessary to service that customer. We can even schedule appointments for you, on dates and times that you pre-determine so that we never double-book you. Once a customer has an appointment, they are much less likely to call another HVAC service.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Dispatch

As our HVAC answering service is securing you more customers, you may soon find yourself needing to hire more technicians to cover all the new business. You might develop an on-call schedule to make sure there’s always a technician available to service customers who need immediate help. Ring Savvy can help with that, too.

With our HVAC answering service, you can skip the tedious search and training time for a dispatcher. All you have to do is provide your schedule and the contact information for the technicians on call. When a virtual receptionist answers a call from a customer who needs immediate assistance, they will immediately reach out to the technician on call to see if they are able to take the job.

That’s it, really. No complicated training or programming, just results. It can be a difficult adjustment, moving from just a few technicians to having an on-call schedule and managing several vans out on the road. An HVAC answering service soothes those growing pains, allowing you to focus on managing your business.

A Flexible Service That Grows With Your Business

Here’s the best part: Ring Savvy is an HVAC answering service that will grow your business and grow with your business. All of our features are available to you, but if there are services you don’t need yet, you won’t have to worry about them.

Then, when you’re ready to grow, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll adjust our service to meet your needs. Ready to take on late-night calls and emergencies? Our virtual receptionists are ready to answer your calls 24/7. Want to expand your customer base to include Spanish-speaking customers in your area? Our 100 percent U.S.-based virtual receptionists can answer calls in Spanish too.

But that’s all in the future. Right now, if you’re ready to start growing your HVAC business, you can click here or call 631-363-1000 to sign up for our free trial. For a limited time, we’re offering businesses that sign up with our service their first 400 minutes free.