Three Things To Know About Using A Real Estate Answering Service

Joe GalottiAugust 18th, 2020

If you work in real estate, your top priority is constantly changing. Between juggling the needs of multiple clients, and attempting to balance work and personal time, day-to-day life can become extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, Ring Savvy is here and ready to give real estate agents and property managers a much needed helping hand with answering phone calls. Our team will allow you to actually take a breath when things start to feel chaotic, while ensuring that your existing and prospective clients always have their needs addressed by a live virtual receptionist. Below, we’ll share three things you might not know about our real estate answering service, and discuss how our receptionists go about making your callers feel right at home.

1- Our Team Is Ready To Answer Your Calls 24/7

Over the years, working in real estate has become a 24/7 job, so it’s only right that you have the support of a 24 hour receptionist team. With Ring Savvy, you’ll never have to stress over a missed phone call. Any time you can’t pick up an incoming call, one of our virtual receptionists will be there to handle the call on your behalf. Never again will you have to choose between serving a client in front of you and a prospective client trying to reach you on the phone. With our real estate answering service behind you, you can always give 100 percent of yourself to the tasks at hand, feeling confident that our receptionist team will be there to collect messages and new lead information from your callers.

Not only is our receptionist team available to answer calls at any time (holidays included), but they can be trusted to make a great impression on all of your callers. All members of Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionist team have been extensively trained on phone etiquette, message taking, performing new client intakes, appointment scheduling and live call transferring. Our phone answering staff is also quite experienced in handling calls for real estate businesses, and are prepared to handle any situation that gets thrown their way. You can always count on our receptionists to come across as a seamless extension of your company.

2- Our Service Provides Intelligent Dispatching

Handling real estate matters is more often than not, a team effort. If your business relies on multiple people to address client matters throughout the week, you can count on Ring Savvy to help keep things organized and make life a little easier for everyone involved. When you first get started with our service, we’ll work with you to establish a series of intelligent dispatching protocols. You can let us know which member of your team should be our receptionists first point of contact when a call comes in. You can specify who you’d like contacted during different days and hours, and our receptionists will always be sure to reach out to the correct person.

Having our intelligent dispatching system in place will guarantee that all of your business’ callers have their needs attended to in a timely fashion, and will keep your company from losing track of important requests and making costly mistakes. If you need to make adjustments to your dispatching protocols, you can do so at any time. Our support team is always ready to make changes on the fly, and is just an email or phone call away.

3- Our Receptionists Will Send Messages To You After Every Call

Having someone else answer calls on your behalf is certainly helpful, but you can’t afford to be kept out of the loop for too long when it comes to requests from existing clients and new prospects. When using Ring Savvy, you’ll always be in the know, because our receptionist team will always be sending you messages, updating you on the calls you missed. You or your pre-specified team member(s) will receive text and email messages every time an existing client leaves a message, or a new prospect goes through the client intake process. All of the details from their call will be accurately recorded and sent over to you without delay.

With messages from our service available for viewing right from your smartphone, multi-tasking becomes much less challenging. You’ll be able to show one client around a house, and casually check your phone for new messages whenever you get a brief free moment. You’ll know right away whether a caller needs urgent attention or can wait till later to receive a call back. When you do have to excuse yourself for a phone call, you’ll know you’re only doing so for a really important reason. Ring Savvy truly does put you in complete control of your real estate business.

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