Three Things To Know About Using An Electrician Answering Service

Joe GalottiJanuary 12th, 2021

Electricians that run their own business usually don’t have the support of a large administrative staff. Most of the pressure to answer phone calls and keep the business running ends up falling directly on their own shoulders. While this certainly isn’t uncommon for small business owners, being available for new customers over the phone becomes a much more difficult task when you’re constantly out in the field working on jobs sites.

If you’re an electrician that relates to this struggle, and could use a little extra phone support throughout the week, Ring Savvy’s electrician answering service may be just what you’re looking for. Here are three things to know about our virtual receptionist team and what they’re able to provide for electrical workers.

1- We’ll Keep You From Missing Out On New Jobs

In today’s world, missed calls all too often results in missed customers. If someone calls your business looking for immediate help with an electrical issue, they likely won’t be looking to leave a message. These days, if a person gets sent to voicemail, they can simply pick up their smartphone and quickly find several other electricians nearby to call.

Electricians who have the support of Ring Savvy’s 24/7 phone answering service never have to worry about missing out on new business opportunities. Our virtual receptionist team is always active and will be able to field all of the calls you and your staff can’t pick up. Your business’ callers will always get the opportunity to speak with a live person right away, and have their information collected by one of our highly trained virtual receptionists. Our receptionists will let your callers know that help is just around the corner, making it significantly less likely that they end up shopping around with your competitors.

2- Our Team Can Simplify Your Work Days

When you have your hands full on a job site, you don’t want to be constantly answering phone calls. Especially when you don’t even know what the calls are regarding. In many cases you’ll end up interrupting your work time to speak with a telemarketer or someone else whose call just isn’t a priority at that moment.

When using our electrician answering service, you’ll never feel pressured to pick up the phone when you’re in the middle of work related tasks. Our receptionist team will always be around to pick up any calls you receive and screen callers on your behalf. If the call ends up being regarding a new customer opportunity, our receptionists can take further action by either transferring the caller over to you or offering to take a message. When signing up with Ring Savvy, you can let us know under which conditions you would like to receive live transfer requests from our service.

When you can’t get to the phone (or don’t feel like it), one of our virtual receptionists will take your caller through the new customer intake process on your behalf, and send over all of the information they collect in a text and email message after the call concludes. You’ll be able to easily access all messages from our service right from your smartphone, and monitor customer messages at your own pace throughout your busy work day. Oh, and we’ll make sure you don’t get bothered by any irrelevant calls.

3- Our Friendly Receptionists Can Help Improve Your Company’s Reputation

At Ring Savvy, we want our virtual receptionists to not only work efficiently on your company’s behalf, but make your customers feel heard and cared for. That’s why all new Ring Savvy receptionist hires go through extensive phone etiquette training before being allowed to answer calls on behalf of any real businesses. Once fully trained, our receptionists will be able to offer your callers a warm greeting, and take as much time as needed to really listen to their problems as they take them through the process of getting started with your company.

These efforts will help your business create a positive first impression with new customers, and ultimately build a better relationship with your customers moving forward. Going the extra mile with the experience you provide customers can really mean a lot these days, as it often results in future referrals and repeat business. It can also mean 5-star online reviews for your company. Why should you care about online reviews? Because in the digital age, they can make or break your business. Before anyone moves forward with using your business, they’ll almost always look you up online to see what their peers have to say about your service. Our receptionist staff will help keep any feedback you get positive, and help you bring in some additional cash in the future.

All electrical companies have the chance to try out Ring Savvy for free for seven days before ever paying a cent. To get started with your free trial, fill out this form or call our team at 631-250-5377.