Three Things To Know About Using A Pest Control Answering Service

Joe GalottiMay 12th, 2021

Pest control companies don’t receive a lot of casual calls from their customers. Usually there is a great amount of urgency behind the calls you receive, as your potential customer is freaking out over bugs or rodents invading their space. 

For businesses that receive urgent calls all throughout the day, having 24/7 phone answering support is an absolute must. You won’t get many people to leave you a voicemail and patiently wait for your call back when they are in desperate need of pest removal. Letting calls reach your voicemail, usually means missing out on new customers. 

If you run a pest control company, and are eager to see a rise in the amount of new customers you bring in, the best decision you can make is to invest in Ring Savvy. Below, we’ll tell you about some of the things our pest control answering service provides, and the value you’ll get from utilizing our virtual receptionist team. 

1- We Always Provide Elite Service For Your Callers

A lot of phone answering services these days will offer 24/7 coverage for their customers. However, the quality of that 24/7 coverage isn’t always great. Many of our competitors will outsource your calls to overseas locations or have your calls answered by receptionists that have limited experience talking with customers in your field. You certainly don’t want these kinds of untrained voices speaking with your distressed callers. 

What allows Ring Savvy to stand above other answering services, is that we combine 24/7 live phone answering with a high degree of receptionist training. All members of our virtual receptionist team go through months of training on basic and advanced receptionist responsibilities before being able to answer calls on behalf of real customers. This includes schooling on proper phone etiquette, empathizing with callers, performing new customer intakes, message taking and executing live call transfers. We also only hire receptionists who are local to our call center located in Nesconset, New York, so that we can always closely monitor their job performance and correct potential issues.  

All of this ensures that anytime you can’t get to the phone, you’ll have a highly qualified receptionist from our service speaking with your caller. Our receptionist will immediately start making your potential customers feel welcome, and be able to smoothly guide them through the process of getting on-boarded with your business. 

2- We Make It Incredibly Easy For You To Evaluate And Connect With New Customers

Speaking with new prospects and taking them through the new customer intake process can be time consuming work. And if you’re a hands-on pest control company owner that spends much of your day out in the field, you probably don’t have time to handle intake work yourself. Fortunately our receptionist team does. 

When you’re too busy to get to the phone, you can always feel confident that our virtual receptionist team will address your new leads properly. After offering your potential customer a warm welcome, our receptionist will follow a new customer intake script (using personalized questions chosen by you) to collect important details about your new caller and their reason for reaching out to your business. 

Once the call is complete, you’ll get a text and email message recapping all of the info that was collected during the intake. Instead of the new prospect’s message waiting in your voicemail for hours (and your new lead growing impatient and losing interest in working with you), you’ll immediately know what the caller wants and can quickly decide how to proceed in handling their issue. 

If you want to be given the chance to speak with potential new customers in real time, we can make that happen too. Ring Savvy offers live call transferring services, which can be customized to your exact liking. For example, our receptionist can contact you directly for a live transfer opportunity anytime they identify a caller as a potential new customer. After being briefed on who the caller is, you’ll be given the option to either have their call transferred over to your line, or have our virtual receptionist complete their intake process and send you a message afterwards.    

3- We’re Ready To Work With Your Entire Team

The best small businesses usually have more than one reliable person helping run the show. Ring Savvy knows this, which is why we make it easy for our receptionist team to interact with multiple members of your staff. Our service is able to send customer messages to any team member you’d like, which will allow your company to still operate efficiently during times in which you’re unavailable. 

Ring Savvy can also reach out to specific members of your team for live transfer opportunities. In fact, we can even go a step further and help you set up an intelligent dispatching system for your business. We understand that not all business owners will want to be the first person on call when a customer reaches out with an overnight or weekend request. If you prefer to have a certain member of your staff handling live transfer requests during certain time periods, our service can ensure that it happens.

Through our intelligent dispatching protocols, set up by you with the help of our account executives and support team, you can easily determine who our receptionists reach out to first during certain time frames. This makes it simpler for you and your staff to provide callers with real time support when emergency situations arise. Your dispatching protocols can also be adjusted at any time, simply by calling or emailing our support team.

Ready to see our pest control answering service in action for your business? Get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy now, by filling out this form or calling us at 631-363-1000.

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