Can A Live Answering Service Effectively Perform As A Full-Time Receptionist?

Joe GalottiOctober 5th, 2020

Receptionists play an important role for growing businesses. When new prospects call in for the first time, it’s the receptionist that ends up making that vital first impression. When existing customers call in with problems, it’s the receptionist that must make them feel heard and take steps to keep their frustration from escalating. When time-sensitive messages and requests are made by customers, it’s the receptionist that must make sure that they are passed along to the correct person at the company.

Without a trained receptionist to assist with these matters, things can fall apart very quickly for small businesses. Unfortunately, not every company has the financial capability to hire a full-time receptionist. So what is a business to do when they are overloaded with calls, but short on cash?

Many businesses in this situation have decided to use Ring Savvy’s live answering service to take on their company’s main receptionist duties. Our 24/7 virtual receptionist team is trained to work in several different industries, and can serve as a great affordable alternative to hiring a full-time receptionist for your office. Below, we’ll break down some of the top features provided by our service, and discuss how our team can help businesses with limited phone answering staff continue to grow.

Our Receptionists Are Lead Capturing Experts

By investing in Ring Savvy’s 24/7 receptionist team, you’ll be ensuring that your business always has a live trained representative ready to impress prospective customers. Literally anytime you and your staff can’t get to the phone, one of our virtual receptionists will be there to pick up the call live. Instead of directing new prospects to your voicemail, your callers will get the chance to engage with skilled receptionists in real time, allowing your company to make a quality first impression.

All Ring Savvy receptionist hires go through months of extensive phone training, which includes schooling on performing the new customer intake process. This ensures that when speaking with your customers on the phone for the first time, they’ll know exactly what questions to ask and exactly what information they need to obtain from the caller and pass along to you. Having a quality intake process in place, and a trained team of receptionists always available to execute it will undoubtedly result in more new leads captured for your business, and more opportunities to make money.

Our Team Can Help Keep Your Existing Customers Satisfied

The 24/7 nature of our live answering service also will prove valuable when your business receives calls from current customers. When a customer calls your business with a problem, our receptionist can be counted on to hear out their problems and empathize with their issues. If they request urgent attention, our receptionists have the ability to reach out to you on a seperate line and alert you of what is going on. If after hearing the customer’s issue, you want to jump in, our receptionist will transfer the caller over to your line. If you prefer not to jump in on the call, our receptionist can take a message from the caller.

If your company struggles with keeping track of messages and following up with customers about their issues, Ring Savvy can help with that too. Every message our receptionists take is sent over to business owners via text and email. This means you’ll have all of your company’s messages available for viewing right from your smartphone at all times. Instead of paper messages building up in piles and getting lost in your office, you can periodically check in with your smartphone throughout the day, and know which customers are still in need of a call back.

Our Service Offers Intelligent Dispatching

Not only can our live answering service field all of your calls in real time, but we’ll also always know which member of your staff to contact first during certain periods of the day. When first setting up your Ring Savvy account, one of our managers will give you the chance to set up a dispatching process for our receptionists to follow. If you want one of your assistant managers to be the first person contacted by our receptionist team for overnight matters, we can make that happen. If you want one of your truck drivers on call for weekend requests, we’ll make sure that gets done too.

Our dispatching system gives business owners the ability to lean on their staff more, and keeps them from feeling like they need to be on call non-stop. The protocols we set up for you will allow you to enjoy more sleep at night and more uninterrupted time with family and friends.

Getting Started With Ring Savvy

As you can see, Ring Savvy’s live answering service covers just about everything a typical in-office receptionist provides. Our 24/7 phone answering coverage also comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee for your company.

To learn more about our pricing, click here. If you’d like to get started with a 7-day free trial of our service, simply fill out this form. You can also call our team at 631-250-2794 with any questions.