How An HVAC Answering Service Can Help Your Company Thrive During Its Next Busy Season

Joe GalottiApril 6th, 2021

If you work in HVAC, we definitely don’t need to tell you how important a time the spring and fall is to your business. During the months leading up to extremely hot or cold temperatures, you’re likely doing your heaviest amount of advertising and receiving your highest amount of incoming calls. 

These months present a tremendous amount of financial opportunity for your company and truly have the power to make or break your year. So what can HVAC business owners do to ensure that their marketing efforts bring in as many new customers as possible during these stretches? 

It’s Time To Make Lead Capturing A Priority   

If your company hasn’t already invested in the support of an HVAC answering service, there’s no better time than now to do so. Teaming up with a company like Ring Savvy means equipping your business with 24/7 live phone answering support. It means that anytime a new lead calls into your business, you’ll always have a live representative of your company ready to make them feel welcome. 

Just how much of an impact will 24/7 phone coverage make on your HVAC business? Well let’s put it this way—any lead capturing process in the 2020s that is highly reliant on voicemail is a pretty flawed one. HVAC customers usually have time sensitive problems and are looking for urgent attention. If they call your business and don’t get a live response, they are much more likely to move on to calling your competitors for help, than leave a voicemail message and patiently wait for your call back.  

Bottom line: In order to truly capitalize on your next busy season, and make the most of every new customer opportunity you have, your business will need to be answering the phone 24/7. These days, missed calls truly means missed customers. Having Ring Savvy in place guarantees that all of your incoming calls will be answered live, and that your new leads will never get directed to an underwhelming voicemail greeting.   

How Does Ring Savvy Help You Secure New Business?

Part of what separates our HVAC answering service apart from others is that we train our virtual receptionists to do a lot more than just pick up the phone. We train them to be lead capturing experts. 

Once hired by Ring Savvy, our receptionists go through months of extensive training, which includes schooling on proper phone etiquette, performing new customer intakes, message taking, live call transferring, appointment scheduling and much more! By the time our receptionists complete their training, they are as skilled and knowledgeable as any long-time in-office receptionist you may look to hire.  

Why do we provide such in-depth training for our staff? 

Because first impressions mean everything when it comes to winning over new customers. Consumers have a ton of options for help these days, and your business only has a short window to let a caller know that you're ready to help resolve their issues, and will be able to do so in a timely fashion. Our virtual receptionists will always be available to offer a live response, let new leads know they’ve reached a place that can help and begin the customer onboarding process.  

How will you be notified of new lead opportunities? 

When a potential customer calls into your business for the first time, our receptionists will offer them a warm greeting, then proceed in one of two ways. 

A) Our receptionist will ask the caller to wait on hold for a brief moment while they reach out to you (or a trusted team member) directly to see if you’d like the call transferred over to your line.

B) Our receptionist will take your new lead through the new customer intake process, using information gathering questions approved by you. All of the information they collect from the caller will get sent over to you in a text and email message once that call concludes. 

Business owners will have total control over how our receptionists proceed with handling their new leads, and no matter what they decide, will always be in the know when a potential new customer reaches out to their business. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to lead capturing these days, and our HVAC answering service will always allow you to act fast, without having to commit to answering incoming calls 24/7.

Before your next busy season gets underway, you can try out Ring Savvy for free for 7 days! To sign up for a free trial of our service, fill out this form or call us at 631-363-1000.