How Our Message Taking Service Makes Life Easier For Those Working Remotely

Joe GalottiAugust 11th, 2020

Right now, many small business owners are working under abnormal circumstances. Their home has become their office. Their walk from bed to the living room has become their commute. Their kids and pets have become their deskmates.

While overall comfort has certainly increased for those working remotely these past six months (#teamsweatpants), the ability to manage incoming phone calls has not. Without your usual phone answering staff by your side all day long, you’ll be much more likely to mishandle new lead opportunities and requests from existing customers. Working from home is challenging enough without having to be your own receptionist, so your best course of action is to reach out for some professional virtual receptionist assistance.

Below, we’ll explain how Ring Savvy’s message taking service can simplify things for those managing their company remotely, and ensure that businesses are always able to provide constant live support to new prospects and existing customers.

We’ve Got Your Phones Covered 24/7

Ring Savvy’s call center is always live and ready to answer any phone calls you and your staff can’t get to. No matter what hour or which day a phone call comes into your business, you can feel confident that a member of our virtual receptionist team will be there to pick it up. You’ll always be giving your new leads and existing customers a caring and attentive person to speak with, and your company will always come across as highly responsive and ready to assist.

For business owners, having Ring Savvy in place can eliminate a tremendous amount of day-to-day stress. You’ll be given a call handling safety net for daytime hours, when things tend to get extremely busy, and you have your hands full with on-site visits and Zoom meetings. You’ll also be able to comfortably ignore calls during after hours and weekends, ensuring that your home isn’t your office outside of normal business hours.

We’ll Record New Messages And Send Them Right To Your Smartphone

What separates our virtual receptionist team from some of our competitors is all we’re able to do after we pick up a call. For example, when a person contacts your business for the first time looking for help, our receptionists are trained to take them through a full new customer intake process. For those unfamiliar with the term, new customer intake involves a receptionist collecting information from a new lead, using a pre-assembled list of questions as a guide. When you first sign up with Ring Savvy, you’ll work with our team to create customized intake questions that will get your business the information it needs to move forward with new prospects.

Once intake information is collected and accurately recorded from your new prospect, it will be sent over to you in text and email message form. You’ll receive messages from our team almost immediately after the call ends. With this system in place, you’ll be able to monitor new customer opportunities, without putting your day completely on pause to do customer intake yourself. Based on the intake details we provide, you’ll know exactly how soon you need to call a prospect back, and you’ll enter that conversation already briefed on their situation.

When existing customers reach out your business, a similar procedure will take place. Our receptionists will be there to give your customer a live representative of your company to speak with, and listen to any issues they might be experiencing. If you’re unavailable to be transferred in on the call, our receptionist will offer to take a message from your customer, and will give them a time frame for when they can expect to hear back from you. That message will be sent to you via text and email, once again allowing you to review customer messages at your own pace throughout the day. Never again will you have to worry about a customer’s message being misplaced, as it will be waiting for you right on your smartphone.

Our message taking service is truly a must-have service for all small business owners currently working from home. Fill out this form or call us at 631-600-1111 to get set up with a free 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy now.