How A Plumbing Answering Service Makes It Easier For Businesses To Provide Faster Response Times

Joe GalottiMay 6th, 2021

No one in the history of owning a home has ever seen their toilet overflowing or sink leaking, and thought “I’ll get around to fixing that at some point”. When things like unexpected pipe bursts or clogs occur, people will view it as an emergency situation, and will be looking to bring in professional help within a few hours. 

If you own a plumbing company, we’re not telling you anything that you don’t already know. But is your business fully prepared to handle emergency calls? Often the plumbers who end up getting the most work, are the ones who are always picking up their phones. If you want to see your company grow, you need to be providing your new leads with a real live person to speak with at all times of the day and night. Your voicemail simply won’t cut it! 

Of course, no plumber wants to be a slave to answering their phone 24/7. Fortunately businesses like Ring Savvy exist to help simplify the lead capturing process, and provide live phone coverage for those times you don’t feel like picking up calls. In this blog post, we’ll explain how using our plumbing answering service could make your life a lot easier, and your company a lot more successful.  

What Can Ring Savvy Provide For Your Business? 

By using our plumbing answering service, you’ll be guaranteeing that potential new customers always have live phone support and never reach your voicemail. This is important, because modern day consumers typically hate leaving voicemails, and people with urgent plumbing issues definitely won’t have enough patience to leave a message and wait for your call back. 

Our 24/7 virtual receptionist team will always be there to pick up incoming calls for your business, and act as a representative of your company whenever you and your staff can’t get to the phone. One of our highly trained receptionists will offer your caller a warm greeting and let them know that your company is ready to help resolve their issue. For plumbers that hope to have any kind of life outside of work, this is an absolutely essential service to have.  

How Does Our Company Handle Emergency Calls?  

So let’s walk you through a scenario in which a customer calls your company with an urgent plumbing problem, and you can’t get to the phone. Well as we just covered, your call will be forwarded to a live member of our virtual receptionist staff before it ever gets to voicemail. From there, you’ll have options in how we proceed with handling your prospective customers. 

Option #1: Let Our Team Handle Your New Leads First 

Our virtual receptionist can take your caller through the new customer intake process, and collect their personal details, as well as information about their reason for contacting your business. After the call concludes, we’ll immediately send the info we’ve collected over to you via text and email messages. You can quickly evaluate the new lead opportunity, and if an urgent problem is identified, give the prospect an immediate call back. 

Option #2: Get Transferred In For New Lead Opportunities 

Our virtual receptionist will begin to collect your caller’s information, and if they identify a new customer opportunity, they can put your new lead on hold and contact you for a live transfer opportunity. When being contacted by our receptionist, you’ll be briefed on who the caller is, and asked if you’d like to be directly connected with them. If you say yes, you can immediately get to work on addressing your customer’s urgent issue. If you’re unavailable for a live transfer, our receptionist will complete the new customer intake process themselves, and send you a message with full details afterwards.  

By choosing either of these options, you’ll be giving your potential customers a real time response during their hour of need. This will make them much more likely to continue on with hiring you, and will keep them from growing frustrated and calling around to your competition for help. You’ll also avoid the stress of having to pick up every phone call for your business, and can let our service filter away any telemarketing or spam calls you may receive throughout the day.  

With the support of our plumbing answering service, your business will always be ready to offer fast solutions. Get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy now, by filling out this form or calling us at 631-363-1000.