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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Hire An Answering Service For Financial Advisors

Tony PrietoMay 23rd, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world’s economy on its head. Between unheard-of shortages, stimulus packages, and the market’s tumultuous ups and downs, things changed radically and rapidly. 

And while pandemic restrictions might be lifting, the pandemic economy doesn’t seem to show any signs of calming down. Inflation is on the rise, shipping issues persist, and the stock market has certainly seen steadier days. Everyone seems to be waiting for things to go back to normal, but they haven’t quite gotten there yet.

In uncertain times, more people will want a professional to handle their finances. With Ring Savvy’s answering service for financial advisors, you’ll be able to field clients new and old without interrupting your work, preparing you to handle an influx of new clients. Here’s why there’s never been a better time to hire an answering service for financial advisors.

Make The Most Of The Democratization Of The Stock Market

Remember $GME and $AMC? Though it may be hard to believe, that was only a little over a year ago. In those chaotic few weeks, new investors were introduced to the stock market, investing on apps like Robinhood on the advice of strangers on the internet. While some investors had enough excitement in early 2021 to last them a lifetime, there are plenty more who haven’t stopped since.

Those new investors are going to want more professional advice as their investments become more serious. When they cash out on meme stocks or cryptocurrencies, they’re going to want to know where and how to reinvest that money, and fast. If you don’t pick up the phone the first time they call, they’ll move on to another advisor, or one of the bigger corporations.

With an answering service for financial advisors, you’ll never miss a call from a new client. Our team of virtual receptionists are available to field your calls 24/7, and can even transfer new clients straight to you so you can give them the personal touch they’re looking for from your firm. Let’s break the process down in four steps:

Step 1: If you’d like all new client callers to have the opportunity to speak to you first while letting our receptionists handle the rest of your calls, you let us know while setting up your service.

Step 2: Whenever someone calls into your office, your virtual receptionists will ask them for their information and the reason for their call.

Step 3: If a prospective client is on the line, your virtual receptionist will put them on a brief hold, reach out to you, and describe the caller to you with the information they’ve gathered. Once you know their name and the reason for their call, you can decide if you want to handle the call personally.

Step 4: If you can take the call, your virtual receptionist will patch the new lead through to you, so you can secure their business yourself. If you’re not able to take the call, our virtual receptionists will perform new client intakes to help you seal the deal. 

Once a prospective client has spoken to a live person and been assured you’ll get back to them as soon as possible, they’ll be much less likely to call your competition. We can even schedule appointments for you, and since you predetermine the dates and times we can use, we’ll never overbook you.

More Inflation Means More Investment

As grocery prices rise, the value of already-low interest rates on savings drops even lower. Against this year’s increases in the CPI, your clients aren’t much better off using their savings accounts than they are stashing their cash under the mattress. 

It follows, then, that investments will go up as saving goes down. Even if inflation stabilizes, there will be a surge of new clients looking for help investing what used to be their savings. It doesn’t take too many glances at your savings account to notice it’s being drained faster than it can be filled, after all. Are you ready to take advantage of all these new investors looking for guidance?

With an answering service for financial advisors, you’ll be able to handle more clients than you could on your own. With our custom call protocols, you’ll be able to work uninterrupted while still capturing new leads. If you’d like to leave your existing clients in the capable hands of our receptionists while still capturing new leads yourself, you can. Your existing clients’ concerns can often be handled by texts or emails, after all, and fewer interruptions means more work done.

And, with our quality message taking, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with existing clients just by checking your texts or email. A summary of every call will be sent to you as the call concludes, along with all the caller’s information, so that you can follow up as needed when you’re finished with your current task.

Take Advantage Of Favorable Market Conditions Right Away

Of course, this is just a snapshot of the American economy. Economic conditions are usually slow to change, but if there’s anything to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that things can change much faster than we ever thought possible.

That’s why you should take advantage of Ring Savvy’s free trial. With just a short phone call, you can have our answering service for financial advisors on your team right away. Our entire service will be available to you as soon as possible, including both features mentioned in the blog above and even more we’ve yet to cover. And there’s no strings attached, either. We don’t even need your credit card; we’re that confident you’ll want to keep using our service.

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