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Three Things You Didn’t Think An Answering Service For Construction Companies Could Do

Tony PrietoMay 4th, 2022

An answering service seems like a simple concept. It’s a service that picks up your calls so that you don’t have to. Even if that’s all an answering service did, there are probably benefits you hadn’t considered to making sure you never miss a call. 

When customers calling with new business is the lifeblood of your company, even just the simple concept of “never missing a call” can reap more benefits than you think. Imagine going through your days knowing you’re not going to miss any new business just because you’re busy at a job site or already taking another call. 

But answering every call is just the beginning. We here at Ring Savvy have designed our service to make life easier for business owners and, of course, make sure you make more money. Below, you’ll find a list of three things an answering service for construction companies can do that you probably hadn’t thought of. 

We’ll Save You Time And Help You Get More Done

Ask yourself: how much time do you spend on the phone every day? Have you thought about what it would mean for your business if you were able to use that time on other tasks, jobs only you can do? After all, how many of those phone calls actually need your immediate attention?

With an answering service handling all your phone calls, you’ll be interrupted much less often. Whether that’s managing a job site, driving around town giving estimates, or doing administrative paperwork, you’ll find that the time you save by hiring an answering service for construction companies will enable you to focus on your work so that it gets done.

At the conclusion of every call, you’ll get a message in your text or email with a summary of the call. Because that message is sent immediately, you can run your business on your schedule. you’ll have all the information you need to follow up whenever you get a chance. 

We’ll Leave You In Control Of Your Phones

You might think that hiring an answering service is like relinquishing control of your construction company’s phone lines. Now, if you do want your answering totally out of your hands, that’s absolutely something Ring Savvy can provide. You can trust our virtual receptionists to handle your phone lines 24/7

But what if you still want to give new customer callers that personal touch? We can do that too! If, for example, you want to handle new leads personally, here’s what you can do:

  1. You can set up a custom call protocol as part of your account setup, or anytime later. 
  2. Then, whenever a new lead dials your line, your virtual receptionist will reach out to you and see if you can take the call. 
  3. If you can, they’ll transfer the call to you after giving you a brief description of the caller.

You’ll be able to control which calls you handle personally and which ones our receptionists take care of for you. Typically, we recommend you speak with new leads as soon as possible, to have the greatest chance of securing their business. But we understand that flexibility is important, and that’s why our virtual receptionists have constant training on accounts both new and old. You’ll always be able to change your call protocols with a phone call. 

We Can Even Secure New Leads

Of course, we understand that it’s not possible to answer every call from every new lead. That’s why we’ve built our answering service to specialize in securing new business for construction companies like yours. 

We train our virtual receptionists to perform new customer intake so that your new leads won’t feel the need to reach out to your competition. When they’ve been assured by a live person that you’ll reach out to them as soon as you can, they’ll be more likely to patiently await your follow up. You’ll secure many more leads than if you just let them go to voicemail.

And since our service is customizable, you’ll be able to write the script your virtual receptionists will use to answer your calls. You’ll have total control over the information collected in the call, so if you want to know if the job is commercial renovation or residential demolition before following up, you will.

Ring Savvy Can Do Even More To Help You Succeed

If you’re looking to capture leads, save time on the job, and have total control over your phones, Ring Savvy is the answering service for your construction company. Our virtual receptionists will make the first impression you need to make sure your business thrives.

There’s plenty more to our service than just the features listed above, too. Our virtual receptionists are bilingual, so you can always field calls from your local Spanish-speaking community. And, we can schedule appointments into your calendar, on dates and times you approve beforehand, so you’ll always have new job sites to review and estimates to give.

Want to find out just how much Ring Savvy can do for your company? Click here or call 631-363-1000 to sign up for our free trial. For a limited time, we’re offering companies that sign up with our service their first 400 minutes free.