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What’s It Like Interacting With A 24/7 Answering Service During Overnights And Weekends?

Joe GalottiSeptember 21st, 2020

If you’re not careful, running a small business can quickly run you into the ground. Those who don’t have reliable 24/7 receptionist help, usually end up seeing a high percentage of their evenings and weekends taken over by work related calls. While most business owners don’t mind devoting some of their personal time to their job, the pressure of having to answer calls without any real break can quickly leave them burnt out.

If you want to continue to see your company grow, but also want to keep your job responsibilities from completely overtaking your personal life, it’s time to reach out to Ring Savvy. Our 24/7 answering service features a highly trained team of virtual receptionists that are always available to pick up the phone on behalf of your business. In this blog post, we’ll give you an inside look at what it’s like utilizing our service during overnights and weekends, and discuss some of the benefits you can expect from doing so.

Forward Calls To Our Service At Any Time

When using our 24/7 answering service, you can go about handling incoming calls for your business a number of different ways. If you always want the opportunity to answer a call in real time, we can make sure your company’s calls always ring on your prefered line first. If you are unable to pick up after a predetermined number of rings, the call will be instantly forwarded over to our service, and handled by one of our virtual receptionists.

Many of Ring Savvy’s customers prefer to take advantage of some of our automatic call forwarding options. When a type of automatic call forwarding is in place, calls for your business will always be immediately directed to our service first. This ensures your customers always get live receptionist attention when you can’t or simply don’t want to be answering calls yourself.

If you’d like the chance to answer calls first during normal business hours, but want our service handling all your calls outside of business hours, our team can easily set that up. Simply let us know what periods of time throughout the week you want automatic call forwarding to our service in place. You can of course make adjustments to your call forwarding protocols at any time.

Full-time call forwarding, under which all of a business’ calls get directed to our service first, is always an option for our customers as well. This is often used when business owners go on vacation, or when they have an emergency situation to deal with. No matter what the case, our receptionist team makes sure your prospects and existing customers are always getting the immediate attention they desire.

Get Updates From Our Team Via Texts and Emails

We recognize that a lot businesses see a sizable percentage of their new customer opportunities come in outside of normal office hours, and may be hesitant to hand off calls to an outside service during overnight and weekends because of this, even if they are overstressed and in desperate need of a break. We would counter by saying that Ring Savvy provides business owners with the best of both worlds. Our service not only keeps you from having to waste your time with unimportant calls during non-working hours, we also keep you in the loop when important matters and new customer opportunities do arise.

Anytime one of our receptionists handles a call on your company’s behalf, we’ll send you a recap of the call in text and email form. This message will be highly accurate, and detail everything that was covered during the call, whether it’s a request from an existing customer or intake information from a new customer. Instead of having to get on the phone every time your business gets a call, you’ll be able to simply review new customer messages at your own pace right from your smartphone.

This will prove to be a powerful tool for just about any business owner, as a large number of the calls that come in during after hours and weekends are usually far from urgent. And when calls during your personal time do require your immediate attention, you’ll know right away thanks to messages from our service. Our team will do whatever it can to keep interruptions to a minimum, and allow you to actually enjoy your time away from work.

Intelligent Dispatching Is Available For Several Industries

Many of the field service companies we work with prefer to designate certain members of their team to handle customer calls during overnights and weekends. Fortunately for them, Ring Savvy offers an intelligent dispatching system. You can simply let us know who should be our main point of contact during certain days of the week or times of day, and we’ll make sure the caller always gets directed to the correct member of your staff.

Our receptionist team will still be available to pick up any calls your staff can’t get to during overnights and weekends. When one of our receptionists does pick up a call and identify a new customer opportunity, they’ll ask the caller to briefly wait on hold, and reach out to your designated contact for that period of time. We’ll either then transfer the call over to your specified staff member’s line or take a message from the caller if your employee is unavailable. Learn more about what we can offer field service businesses here.

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