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Three Reasons To Hire A 24/7 Answering Service For Electricians

Tony PrietoApril 25th, 2022

Are you an electrician considering offering 24/7 service? It’s a smart move; more business is always good, and you’ll capture more customers than only taking jobs while the sun is up. You may even be one of the few licensed electricians in your area able to respond at night and on weekends.

If you’d like to open your business to late night calls, you should invest in Ring Savvy’s 24/7 electrician answering service. With our virtual receptionists handling your calls, you won’t have to sit up all night waiting for customers to call in. You’ll be able to relax knowing that your phones are in good hands. If you’re nervous about taking the leap, here are three reasons to hire a 24/7 answering service for electricians.

Your Customers’ Electrical Problems Can’t Wait

When the power goes out, homeowners usually check with the power company to find the reason for their blackout. But if the blackout is local to their home, it could be a sign of a short. Those customers are going to want immediate help, because they understand the fire risk that short poses. When their whole home is at risk, they’re not going to want to wait till morning.

Most of the time, your customers notice these problems at night and on weekends, as that’s when they’re home. That’s why, in order to capture customers with emergency problems, you need a 24/7 answering service. Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionists will answer every call, ensuring you never miss a late-night lead. At the end of every call, you’ll receive a message via text or email with all the details of what transpired so you can follow up.

Responsiveness is key to securing late-night customers, but waiting by the phone all night for customers to call can be exhausting. Your phone will ring with spam calls, callers with business that can wait till morning, or people who dialed your number by mistake. With an answering service screening your calls, you’ll only be interrupted by actual business.

Voicemail Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

In the past, electricians who took calls outside regular business hours would use a voicemail greeting. Often, they would put a special phone number at the beginning of their greeting, telling customers with emergencies to call that number.

Unfortunately, while it may have been effective at one time, most customers just don’t leave voicemails anymore. In fact, if a customer with an emergency reaches your voicemail, they may just hang up before even getting to that special emergency number. After all, they’ve got a list of 24/7 electricians easily accessible on their phone.

With a virtual receptionist answering your calls, your customers will feel like their problems are already in the hands of an electrician. If you’d like, your virtual receptionists can transfer callers with emergency problems straight to your phone, so you can handle it personally right away. If not, they’ll perform a new customer intake, sending you all the information you need via text or email at the end of the call. Your customers will appreciate speaking to a live person on the other end of the line, assuring them that their problem will be resolved shortly.

We Make Late-Night Dispatch Simple

If you already have a few electricians working for you, you’re going to need a dispatch system to make sure they get the jobs that come in on their on-call nights. Poor dispatch is a major complaint of employees in all the trades, as they sacrifice their nights to be on call and make a little more money. If your dispatch is wasting your employees’ time, it’s wasting your time too.

That’s why we designed our 24/7 answering service to be able handle your company’s dispatch. All we need is your on-call schedule, electrician contact information, and what you’d like us to tell your customers as our virtual receptionists attempt to dispatch electricians to their homes. 

Whenever a customer calls in with emergency work, your virtual receptionist will collect the information necessary to complete the job, put the customer on hold, then reach out to your on-call electrician. Then they’ll get back on the call and let your customer know that help is on the way. As impatient as customers needing emergency electrical work are, they won’t need to call your competitors because you’ll already be on your way.

Final Thoughts

With a 24/7 answering service for electricians, you’ll find many of the concerns you might have about keeping your business open on nights and weekends will melt away. Every call that comes your way will be handled by friendly, professional, and highly-trained virtual receptionists who excel at capturing customers, and we’ll keep your business running smoothly with dispatch.

In addition, with Ring Savvy, you’ll get access to all of our features no matter when your calls come in. Our virtual receptionists can schedule appointments right into your calendar, and will never overbook you. And we’re capable of providing every feature of our service in both English and Spanish with our 100 percent U.S.-based bilingual receptionist team.

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