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Three Things Contractors Gain When They Hire A Message Taking Service

Tony PrietoMay 16th, 2022

As a contractor, you know better than most that the little things add up. You have experience with every part of building, restoring, and demolishing, so you know everything has to be done right. Even just a small mistake while pouring concrete, for example, can lead to spalling and structural issues not too far down the road.

In just the same way, seemingly small inefficiencies in your business can add up to a lot of lost productivity and profit over time. For example, answering one five minute phone call may not seem like you’re losing much time. But by the end of each week, you’ve probably lost hours of productivity to calls you could have delegated.

By answering every call for you, a message taking service will save you the effort of identifying and fixing the little things, making your business more efficient. Here at Ring Savvy, we’ve trained our virtual receptionists to provide major and minor benefits to companies just like yours. Here are three things you’ll gain when you hire a message taking service that will add up to a major advantage for your business.

A Better Work-Life Balance, Free From Constant Interruption

Is your business taking over your life? When you have to be available to answer the phone even after business hours, it can feel like you’ve become your business, and your personal life suffers because of it. Clients, for example, probably call at all hours wanting updates, as they want their work done as soon as possible.

Some things are better done right than quickly, and phone calls are no different. If you’re looking to snatch your personal life back from the jaws of your job, a message taking service can help. Just by having a friendly, professional virtual receptionist answer every call at any hour, you ensure that your business keeps running smoothly. Your receptionist will field calls from clients, subcontractors, and crew leads, sending you a message via text or email as soon as the call concludes.

You can let your receptionist handle your calls, simply reviewing your messages in the morning to find out which calls need a follow up. After all, there are plenty of calls that can just as easily be handled with a text. Whether that’s a client calling for an update, or a subcontractor letting you know they’ll need an extra day to get their work done. 

More Time To Focus On What Needs To Be Done

A message taking service will save your personal life, but we can help you manage your work days too. Whether you’re working on billing, paying your crews, your time is important. Constant interruptions cost you that time, and can slow your business operations down. With a message taking service, you won’t need to worry about phone calls wasting your time.

However, we understand that there are some calls that you want to respond to personally. That’s why we offer custom call protocols, so you can respond to, for example, new client callers to give them that personal touch. Calls from existing clients, subcontractors, or crews will still be handled by your virtual receptionist.

But when a new client calls, your virtual receptionist will greet them and ask the reason for their call. Then, they’ll put your client on hold and reach out to you to see if you can take the call. If you can, they’ll give you all the customer’s information and transfer the call over to you.

A Much Better New Lead Conversion Rate Than Voicemail

Of course, you can’t handle every new client caller. If you aren’t available to speak to that new lead, your virtual receptionist can still help you secure their business. Your new leads will appreciate speaking to a live person, rather than your voicemail.

With our new customer intake training, our virtual receptionists are experts at making sure your new leads don’t call another contractor. They’ll ascertain the caller’s contact information and can even ask if it’s a commercial or residential job, if that’s a distinction you need to know before taking the job. You’ll get all this information as soon as the call ends so you can follow up and secure their business for good. Your new leads will be much more likely to await your follow up once they’ve been personally assured that you’ll get back to them.

And if that’s not enough to secure new leads, we can schedule appointments too. You’ll still have full control over your schedule, since you’ll be approving the days and times your virtual receptionists can offer to new client callers. Your customers will stick with you once they know when you’ll be around to look at their project. You’ll always have new business flowing into your company, and a schedule full of estimates to give.

Our Team Of Receptionists Will Handle The Little Things For You

Once you handle the little things and zoom out to get the big picture, you’ll find that Ring Savvy is the construction answering service for you. Our virtual receptionists are the best in the business, trained to capture customers and make sure your business runs smoothly. 

There’s even more Ring Savvy can do to help you succeed. Our 100 percent U.S.-based virtual receptionists are bilingual, so we can handle calls from customers and crews in English and Spanish. And our virtual receptionists will be your first line of defense against the rising tide of spam calls.

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