Three Things To Know About Using A Construction Answering Service

Joe GalottiFebruary 16th, 2021

When working on a construction site, being fully present is an absolute must. Usually you’ll have your hands full either performing or overseeing heavy-duty tasks, and if you’re distracted, you’ll risk either making a crucial mistake with your work or somebody getting badly hurt. This is why those running their own construction businesses should never also be serving as their company’s receptionist.

In order for construction companies to really grow and reach their maximum income potential each year, a little help from an outside receptionist team may be necessary. In this blog post, we’ll tell you a little about Ring Savvy’s construction answering service, and some of the things we can do to make your work life simpler and help you reach more customers.

1- We’ll Give You Total Control Over The New Customer Intake Experience

When you can’t get to the phone during the work day (which we’re guessing is quite often), you still need someone answering calls on behalf of your business to make sure potential future jobs aren’t passing you by. You need someone to provide an immediate response to prospective customers, so that they don’t get impatient and start calling around to your competition for help.

What makes Ring Savvy the perfect choice to take on this responsibility is that our virtual receptionist team is able to do so much more than simply answer calls. Our receptionists are also highly trained on performing the new customer intake process.

Here’s how new customer intake works with our service:

  1. You’ll let us know what specific questions we should be asking your prospective customers during their initial call to your company. (For example: Are you reaching out about a residential or commercial job?)
  2. Our receptionists will use your questions to collect all the information you’ll need later on to properly access new job opportunities, and do so in a manner that makes the caller feel welcome and cared for.
  3. After the call concludes, you’ll receive a text and email message detailing all of the information we collected from your caller during the new customer intake process.

All of our new receptionist hires go through months of training on performing new customer intakes before being allowed to do so on behalf of actual companies, so you can always trust our team to make a quality first impression when engaging with people you want to do business with.

2- We’ll Help You Get Caught Up On Missed Calls In A Hurry

Being able to take a break during a busy work day is important. That half-hour or so you spend enjoying a meal or talking with co-workers is highly necessary to help keep you sane. What you don’t want to spend your breaks doing is returning non-stop phone calls.

Ring Savvy makes it easy for construction business owners to keep tabs on important information from missed calls. Anytime we collect customer intake information from a new prospect or a message from an existing customer/associate of yours, we send the information/message directly to you via text and email. This way you’ll be able to review new requests from your callers in a matter of seconds instead of having to call back each one individually to find out what they need.

With this information right in your hands, you’ll always have the ability to prioritize who needs a call back right away, and whose call can wait till later. Our receptionist team provides this service on a 24/7 basis, so we’ll always be available to help you run your business more efficiently and make the most of your personal time.

3- We’ll Make Sure Your Work Day Actually Ends When You Leave Your Job Site

By the time you’re ready to clock out and leave the office (so to speak), you’re likely pretty exhausted and desperate to do anything that doesn’t involve your job. Of course just because you’re ready to be done working for the day, doesn’t mean people are done calling your business. Often some of your best new business opportunities might present themselves during after hours or weekends.

Fortunately for those using our construction answering service, our virtual receptionist team is always ready to answer calls on their behalf. We won’t miss a single one! So when you’re done working for the day, and don’t want to be bothered with picking up your phone, simply turn on call forwarding to our service and you’ll be covered. Our receptionist team will give your after hours and weekend callers live attention, and will make a significantly better impression than your voicemail ever could. And of course we’ll continue to send you text and email messages from your customers, so that if anything time sensitive does pop up, you’ll always be in the know.

Want to learn more about the construction answering service experience? There’s no better way to do so then by experiencing Ring Savvy for yourself. Sign up for a free 7-day trial here or call us with any questions at 631-250-5377.