Three Things To Know About Using An Answering Service For Landscapers

Joe GalottiOctober 15th, 2020

We hate to break it to you, but having an extremely loud lawnmower, weedwacker or snowblower going on in the background of your work-related phone calls is not going to leave a good impression on first-time callers to your business. In fact, offering anything that resembles a high level of customer service is going to be very challenging when you’re trying to speak over the cacophony of noise created by a landscaping job site.

If you’re someone that needs to be out in the field for most or all of the day for your business, and doesn’t have a trusted receptionist, it is very important that you reach out to Ring Savvy right away. Our answering service for landscapers can completely take the pressure off you to pick up the phone when you’re out on a job, and allow your business to make the most of all its lead opportunities. Below, we’ll break down three important things to know about our receptionist team.

1- We’ll Help Keep Work Day Interruptions To A Minimum

By answering calls in the middle of on-site jobs, you don’t just risk turning off potential customers, but aggravating existing customers as well. No one wants to see a landscaper they’re paying a lot of money for either stopping their work to get on the phone or doing their job while being distracted by a caller. If you’re on the phone too long while at work, you’re likely to come off as unprofessional, and will risk missing out on repeat business and referrals.

By using Ring Savvy’s answering service for landscapers, you immediately receive 24/7 virtual receptionist coverage for your company. What this means is anytime you and your staff can’t get to the phone, a member of our receptionist team will be there to pick up the call on your behalf. Never again will you have to hurry to take off your gloves so you can pick up a call or have to yell at your crew to “turn that down” so you can actually hear what a caller has to say. Focus on the task at hand, and let the Ring Savvy team handle the rest.

2- We’ll Help Secure You New Customers

Consumers don’t have a lot of patience these days when reaching out to a business for the first time. They really, really don’t want to hear your voicemail. If they reach out to your company looking for immediate help, but don’t get a live person to speak with, chances are they’ll just move on to calling a competitor. Even if the caller does leave a voicemail for you, they will likely have found another suitor by the time you call them back.

This is once again where having a 24/7 virtual receptionist team comes in handy. All Ring Savvy receptionists have not only been trained on proper phone etiquette and message taking, but also capturing new leads. All of our receptionists have performed the new customer intake process hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of times before, and can be trusted to make your new leads feel right at home and smoothly collect information about their reason for calling.

With our service giving your prospects a live person to speak with right away, they won’t feel compelled to call around to other companies in your area. All of the information collected by our receptionist during the call gets sent to you via text and email. You can review new customer messages at your own pace throughout the day right from your smartphone, and make sure all existing and future customers are being taken care of.

3- We’ll Help You Reach New Markets

If your company would like to be of service for more Spanish speaking customers in your area, but has struggled to overcome language barrier issues, Ring Savvy can be of great assistance. Many members of our receptionist team speak Spanish as a first language, and because of this, we are able to provide 24/7 bilingual phone answering services. Anytime a Spanish speaking individual calls your company, one of our receptionists will be there to make the customer feel welcome, and allow them to make their request in the language they are most comfortable engaging in.

Our receptionist will not only let Spanish speaking prospects know that they’ve reached the right place for help, but can collect their information and send it over to you in message form fully translated. Our bilingual answering capabilities could help you gain countless new customers, and allow you to become a go-to landscaping resource for a large portion of your community.

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