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Three Ways A Live Answering Service Helps Your Plumbing Business Grow

Tony PrietoApril 27th, 2022

Plumbers learn their trade, either in a school or through an apprenticeship, and then over their years in the trade become masters. But unless you went to business school, you likely never received the same kind of training in running your plumbing company. That means it can be tough to know where to turn when you want to grow your business.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what growth means for your company. Do you need more customers to boost profits? Do you need more employees to handle the business you already have? You know your business best, so you’re the only one who can answer these questions.

Once you know what growth means to you, you can begin to look for tools to help you reach your goal. That’s when you should invest in a live answering service in order to enable your success. Ring Savvy’s answering service is a versatile tool for plumbing companies looking to grow their customer list or organize their new hires. Below we’ll go into detail on how a live answering service will help your plumbing business grow.

You’ll Outpace Your Competition By Expanding Your Customer Base

In order to attract new customers, you need to get your name out there and stand out from your competition. In today’s world, customers can access a list of plumbers near them on Google in seconds. And, each of those plumbers have customer reviews easily accessible in that same search. When there are dozens of competitors right next to your name on their list, how do you make sure they choose you?

A good way to differentiate your company from the competition is to expand your customer base. With Ring Savvy’s bilingual live answering service, you’ll be able to service your local Spanish-speaking customers. And, with a live receptionist answering your calls on nights and weekends, you’ll capture customers who need help at odd hours. You’ll be able to expand your advertising to these markets, and will generate more leads. 

In addition, you may be one of few plumbers in your area who can provide these services. Combined with your stellar plumbing work, making your business easy to reach will garner more five-star reviews, which will in turn attract more customers.

Superior Lead Capturing Will Secure More Business For Your Company

We’ve covered how a live answering service will help you generate leads. Now we’ll discuss how Ring Savvy will capture them, too. 

Your customers hate your voicemail; often they’ll just hang up and call the next plumber on their list. But, when your business has a highly-trained virtual receptionist answering every call, your customers will have fewer reasons to move on to your competition.

We’ve specifically designed our live answering service to capture your new leads. In addition to answering every call, our virtual receptionists will perform new customer intakes for every call that you don’t handle yourself. Your customers will feel they’ve already hired you once they’ve described the problem to a receptionist and been assured by a live person that their problem will be solved soon. Then, you’ll receive all the information you need to complete the transaction in a message via text or email as soon as the call concludes.

In addition, our virtual receptionists can schedule appointments right into your calendar. You determine the dates and times ahead of time, so we’ll never overbook you. Once a customer has an appointment, they’re much less likely to call another plumber, since they know when their problem is going to be fixed.

Intelligent Dispatch Will Help You Organize Your Expanding Staff

Eventually, with an expanded customer base and better lead capturing, you’ll have more customers than you can handle yourself and you’ll need to hire new staff to keep up. Today’s job market is rough for employers. That means when you find a quality candidate for a plumbing technician, you’ll want to make sure they stay, and you’ll need to find a way to work them into your workflow.

Disorderly dispatch is a major part of why technicians in the trades change employers. With Ring Savvy’s intelligent dispatch system, your new hires can be easily incorporated into your business. With an organized dispatch, you can maximize returns on your investment in your new employees, while ensuring they stay with your company.

Here’s how it works: you give us your on-call schedule, the contact information for your employees, and what you’d like us to tell your customers when they request immediate assistance. Then, this is what happens when a customer calls in with a dispatch job: 

Step 1: Our virtual receptionist will put them on hold and reach out to your plumber on call. 

Step 2: They’ll give your technician all the information they need to complete the job. 

Step 3: They’ll take the customer off hold and let them know help is on the way. 

Your customers and your employees will appreciate an organized and efficient dispatch system.

Hire Ring Savvy And Invest In Your Company’s Growth

Ring Savvy is the best answering service for plumbers around. Our virtual receptionists are highly-trained, and will make great first impressions for your growing business so your plumbing work has a chance to shine. You’ll find that we can help your company along every stage of its growth.

Our service has more tools to help your firm. Our virtual receptionists will be your first line of defense against spam calls. And, if you want to handle some business personally, we can transfer the real calls right to your phone.

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