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Three Ways A Live Virtual Receptionist Helps Plumbers Get More Done

Tony PrietoApril 20th, 2022

Do you often find there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you need done? It’s not surprising; as the owner of a plumbing company, plenty of odd jobs probably fall to you. That can mean anything as complicated as sensitive administrative tasks to something as mundane as answering the phone.

If you often come home late or spend more time on the job than you should, you need a live virtual receptionist. By getting rid of pesky distractions like phone calls and dispatch, you’ll save time both in the office and on the job. And since you’ll never miss a call, your business will grow with all the customers you’ll serve in your extra time.

If you’re looking for a live virtual receptionist, Ring Savvy has you covered. We’ve trained our receptionists and designed our plumbing answering service to make your job easier and secure the new leads your business needs to succeed. If you want to know what makes us different, keep reading to find out how our virtual receptionists will help you get more done.

You’ll Stop Getting Interrupted By Phone Calls

Whether you’re out on the job or paying the bills, your focus is important. While normally a phone call while you’re on the job would just waste your time, there’s always the chance you might make a mistake, which could be costly for you and your customer. Similarly, if you’re doing administrative work, interruptions cost you valuable time, and while mistakes on paperwork might not be costly, they can certainly be time consuming.

On the other hand, you simply can’t afford not to pick up the phone. You need the business those callers represent, and sending them to voicemail is often just as good as telling them to call another plumber. That’s why a live virtual receptionist is an excellent investment for your plumbing business.

With a live virtual receptionist handling all your calls, you’ll be able to focus and get more done. Your customers will appreciate speaking to a live person on the other end of the line, who can assure them that you’ll get back to them as soon as you can. If you’d still like to speak to new customers when they call, you can have your virtual receptionist transfer those calls to your phone. If not, your virtual receptionist will take a message and send it to you via text and email so that you can follow up when you have an opportunity.

You Won’t Have To Waste Your Time With Poor Dispatch

Do you have trouble organizing your technicians and getting them to urgent jobs? Poorly organized dispatch systems can be major time-wasters for you and your techs. If you don’t have a receptionist, you might be the person responsible for reaching out to your on-call techs, which is a drain on your valuable time. And if your dispatch isn’t immediate, you risk losing that customer to another plumber who can get there faster.

With a live virtual receptionist from Ring Savvy, you’ll have both a receptionist and dispatcher in one. You won’t have to stop everything you’re doing to pass information along to your on-call technician. And with our intelligent dispatching system, your techs will spend less time waiting around for work or driving from site to site and more time on the job.

Here’s how it works: you give us your on-call schedule, the contact information for your technicians, and what you’d like us to tell your customers while we try to dispatch someone to them. Then, whenever an urgent call comes in, your virtual receptionist will collect the information necessary to complete the job, then put the customer on hold while they relay that information to your technician on call. That’s it! It’s simple, smart, and easy.

You’ll Have More Job Opportunities

With a live virtual receptionist, you’ll be securing more customers than ever before. That means there will be plenty of burst pipes and shower installations to fill all the time you’re saving without having to worry about dispatch or phone calls. Your productivity will go up, as you’ll have plenty of work to do.

Our intelligent dispatch system will convert leads with urgent work that needs to be done. And for customers who don’t have urgent needs, your virtual receptionist can take them through the new customer intake process. You can customize your service, so you can collect whatever information you need to complete the job. Once your customers have described their issue to your receptionist and been assured you’ll get back to them soon, they’ll be much less likely to call your competition.

And if your customers are interested, your virtual receptionist can even schedule appointments right into your calendar. You choose the dates and times beforehand, so we’ll never overbook you. A new lead with an appointment won’t feel the need to call another plumber, since they have a concrete date and time when their problem will be solved.

Time Is Money, And Ring Savvy Will Help You Stop Wasting It

With a live virtual receptionist from Ring Savvy, you’ll get more done and have more to do. By saving you time, our plumbing answering service will make your business more efficient. After all, the less time you waste, the more money you make.

Our service can help your business in other ways too. Our virtual receptionists are experts at securing new leads, and our service is built to secure as many leads for your business as possible. We answer your calls 24/7, so we’re equipped to capture leads no matter when they call. In the same vein, our U.S.-based virtual receptionists are bilingual, so you can capture Spanish-speaking customers as well.

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