Virtual Receptionist For Field Services: What Makes Ring Savvy An Elite Provider?

Joe GalottiNovember 5th, 2020

When working on company property, it’s much easier to stay in full control of your business and make sure your employees are doing their jobs correctly. Those working in HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, construction and cleaning sadly don’t have the luxury of staying put in one place, and must find a way to maintain a high level of customer service while dispatching their workers and technicians to a variety of different locations.

In order to meet the high expectations of modern days consumers, field service companies must not only be available to answer the phone 24/7, but always be ready to collect information from new prospects, schedule appointments and dispatch employees in a hurry. If your company can’t handle this on its own (and what business really can on a 24/7 basis?), it’s time to reach out for some phone answering assistance from Ring Savvy. Below, we’ll explain exactly why we’re the very best virtual receptionist for field services.

We’re Always Live And Ready To Answer Calls

Absolutely no one wants to leave you a voicemail and wait for your call back anymore. Why would they? It’s not like you’re the only company in town that does what you do. If you want to consistently win over new customers, you need to give your callers a live person to speak with right away. Otherwise you’re really just passing along new leads to your competitors.

Ring Savvy provides businesses with 24/7 phone answering coverage. Our virtual receptionist team is available to handle any call you and your staff can’t get to, no matter what hour the call comes in. Our receptionists will act as a representative of your company, and let the caller know that they have reached the right place for help. Even when you can’t get on a call right away, our receptionists can take steps to make your new prospects feel heard and not want to shop around with other businesses.

We Help Convert Callers Into Customers

There’s no point in having 24/7 phone coverage if you’re not getting new business from it. Offering a warm greeting is important, but most callers will want to see their issues starting to be addressed before the end of their first phone call. If the person answering your phone offers nothing but the opportunity to leave a message, you’ll end up disappointing a lot of potential customers.

At Ring Savvy, we train all our receptionists to be experts at executing the new customer intake process. We’ll work with you to establish a list of questions to ask all of your new leads, and then our receptionists will take callers through that list during their initial call. By having a live receptionist extract information from callers right away, you’ll be giving prospects a clear signal that their request is on the way to be handled. Our receptionists also have the ability to contact business owners whenever a new customer opportunity arises, and give them the chance to be connected with new prospects in real time.

We Can Book Appointments (If You Want Us To)

Some business owners would love for someone else to save them time and take care of appointment booking on their behalf. Others don’t want anybody touching their work calendar. The good news is that at Ring Savvy we can accommodate everyone.

Our service provides optional appointment scheduling. We have the ability to integrate with just about any scheduling software you might be using, and getting our receptionists set up with your calendar is fast and simple. You’ll get to decide when our receptionists should give your callers the option to book an appointment with your company, and which dates and times are available for new bookings. For some companies this will be highly beneficial. Others won’t use it, and that’s okay too.

We Can Help You Setup A 24/7 Dispatching System

Perhaps the greatest asset we’re able to provide to field service companies is intelligent dispatching. When getting started with our service, you can let us know who our receptionists first point of contact should be during certain time periods. For example, we can allow you to be our first point of contact during normal working hours, but only reach out to your assistant manager during after hours and weekends.

We can also take things a step further, by patching your technicians into calls from new leads and sending them to job sites. You’ll help us create a customized schedule of on call technicians and our receptionists will contact the on-call tech when they’re needed.

Ready to invest in a virtual receptionist for field services? Get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy now by filling out this form or calling us at 631-600-1111.