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Four Unexpected Benefits of Hiring a Live Virtual Receptionist For Your Small HVAC Business

Tony PrietoJune 22nd, 2022

Sure, the benefits of an answering service can seem obvious. At base level, you’ll always have a live virtual receptionist answering your calls. That means you never have to worry about missing a call, whether that’s a vendor trying to get in contact with you or a new lead looking to hire you.

But have you sat down and really thought about what always having someone available to answer your calls might mean for your business? Well, here at Ring Savvy, we have. We’re always thinking about what we can do for our customers, from the straightforward benefits to the ones you might not see coming. That’s why below we have four unexpected benefits of hiring a live virtual receptionist for your small HVAC business.

You’ll Experience Fewer Interruptions At Work

HVAC work can be dangerous. If you’re in a blistering attic doing ductwork in the summer or servicing a rooftop unit in the winter, the last thing you want to do is answer your phone. Even in less dangerous situations, phone calls interrupt your workflow and cost you time. 

By taking phone calls off your hands, a live virtual receptionist will make sure you don’t get interrupted while you work. Whether at a desk or up a ladder, we’ll ensure you get more done. You can even make use of our overflow call handling system, so that when you’re not busy, you still have the chance to answer the phone first. When you are busy, our virtual receptionists will pick up after a few rings to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

You Could Corner Your Local Hispanic Market

Hopefully, if you’ve taken a tour around our site, you’re aware that our live virtual receptionists are bilingual. It’s a feature we often talk about, so perhaps it’s not quite an unexpected benefit. But you might not expect just how much it will benefit your company.

There are over 41 million Americans who speak Spanish at home. While bilingual answering is a necessity in some communities, you’ll benefit from opening your company up to your local Hispanic market no matter where you operate. 

Spanish-speaking home and business owners need their HVAC units repaired, serviced, replaced, and installed, and they’re going to need a licensed professional to do it. Depending on your area, there may not be many other HVAC companies equipped to serve this market the way our 100 percent U.S.-based virtual receptionists would equip you to do it. Your Spanish speaking customers will know you’ve gone the extra mile to give them the same quality experience your other customers get, and they may show their appreciation in reviews, recommendations, and repeat business.

You’ll Reclaim Your Personal Time

As a small business owner, your workday probably bleeds over into your personal life. You might often find yourself answering the phone while at dinner or spending time with your family. If you want to make sure your work doesn’t take over your life, Ring Savvy is here to help.

Our live virtual receptionists are available 24/7 to take messages so that your personal time remains uninterrupted. Every time your phone rings, you’ll receive a text message or email with all the information you need to follow up on a caller, as well as a detailed summary of their call, so you can follow up on your schedule. 

If you still want the opportunity to speak to your new leads, you can set up a custom call protocol so that our virtual receptionists can try to transfer new leads to you. You’ll always have the opportunity to give your customers the personal touch.

You’ll Even Get A Dispatcher

Whether you’ve got an army of technicians under your belt or you’re just getting started on your own, eventually your HVAC company is going to need dispatch. Particularly in the summer and winter months, there are customers out there looking for your help immediately. That’s why our live virtual receptionists can also double as your dispatchers.

Once we have your on-call schedule and your technician’s contact information, our virtual receptionists will be able to capture emergency calls no matter when they come in. Whether it’s a Saturday morning heating failure in January or a Wednesday night AC failure in August, our virtual receptionists will take the caller’s information, relay it to your on-call technician, and then give your customer an ETA.

You Can Expect Only The Best From Ring Savvy

The blog above was a list of unexpected benefits of our service, but we’ll tell you what you can expect from hiring Ring Savvy: the best HVAC answering service in the business. Our live virtual receptionists are highly-trained professionals, and will deliver the best possible service to your customers.

With our virtual receptionists answering your every call, you’ll capture many more customers than your voicemail ever could. Our receptionists can perform new customer intakes to ensure your new leads stay with your business, and can even schedule appointments directly into your calendar.

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