How Our 24 Hour Answering Service Can Power Your Cleaning Business

Joe GalottiMarch 27th, 2020

Products and trends may come and go, but as long as humans exist on this earth, there will be messes to clean. Because of this, cleaning services will always be highly relevant in society, and there will always be significant opportunity for those that own cleaning businesses. However, taking advantage of that opportunity will require a little assistance, as those in the cleaning industry face hectic daily schedules and customers with ever-changing needs.

Ring Savvy’s 24 hour answering service is built to help cleaning businesses of all sizes succeed and reach new financial heights. Our highly skilled receptionist team will become a major asset to any company looking to acquire new customers, and better serve existing clients. In this blog post, we’ll explain what makes Ring Savvy the number one phone answering choice for cleaning services.

Who We Serve In The Cleaning Industry

At Ring Savvy we’re prepared to answer phones on behalf of commercial cleaning companies, residential cleaning companies, waste management companies, window cleaning companies, gutter cleaning companies, pool cleaning companies, or just about any other type of cleaning service you can think of. Our business is highly customizable, meaning that anyone that uses Ring Savvy can personalize our features to meet their company’s unique needs.

Ring Savvy customers can:

  • Script out how our receptionists greet their customers.
  • Pass along basic information about their service to our team, so our receptionists can accurately answer frequently asked questions on their behalf.
  • Decide which hours of the day they want the chance to pick up the phone, and how long the phone should ring before one of our team members picks up.
  • Help us create a more polished process for their business by personalizing the questions we ask new prospects.
  • Set up an intelligent dispatching process, in which we reach out to certain members of their team at particular times regarding new customer requests.

During your very first phone call with one of our customer success representatives, you’ll begin providing information about your cleaning company and going over your specific phone answering preferences. And of course, you’ll have the ability to adjust your Ring Savvy settings at any time by reaching out to our support staff.

The Benefits Of 24/7 Phone Answering

With a high level of opportunity often comes a high level of competition, and that is certainly the case for those in the cleaning industry. People have a lot of options these days as to where they get their cleaning services from, and in the digital age they are able to find tons of quality options right from their smartphone. In order for your cleaning company to thrive in this highly competitive age, there are two things you must do.

1- You need to be highly diligent in serving existing customers.

Using Ring Savvy’s 24 hour answering service is the best way to do so, as you’ll be guaranteeing that all of your customers get to speak with a live trained receptionist every time they dial. Always providing a live answer will make existing customers feel important and cared for. Sending customers to your voicemail will have pretty much the opposite effect. Ring Savvy receptionists will provide customers with a warm welcome, offer to take a message, and let the customer know when they can expect to hear back from your company.

Providing answers to questions and requests quicker will lead to a higher level of satisfaction among the customers you serve. When your customers like the work you do, they will be more likely to view you as reliable, review you positively online. And trust us, those reviews matter a great deal, as they will likely be the first place new prospects look after hearing about your business. Consumers trust their peers’ opinions a lot more than they trust yours.

2- You must make the most out of every new lead opportunity that comes your way.

Once again, Ring Savvy’s 24 hour answering service will be one of your biggest tools in accomplishing this goal. Those who run cleaning businesses are extremely busy, and don’t have the time (or the energy) to answer every phone call they receive.

With our team in place, you can feel comfortable ignoring calls, because you’ll know our receptionists will always be around to greet new leads on your behalf. We’ll take new prospects through the new customer intake process, gather their personal details and find out their reason for calling, and send all information from the call to you via text and/or email message. Ring Savvy can also schedule appointments with new leads on your behalf, and mark times for follow-up phone calls or cleaning visits within your work calendar software.

Missing calls may not seem like a big deal, but in today’s on-demand world, where consumers expect instant answers to all of their problems, it can be extremely costly. Send a new lead to voicemail, and you likely won’t get the chance to speak with them again. The much more likely outcome will be the prospect reaching out to your competition for help. Our 24 hour answering service will keep that from happening, and ensure that your cleaning business is able to capitalize on every new opportunity it receives.

If your current phone answering situation is a mess, don’t wait a minute longer to address it. Start cleaning up financially today by signing up for a free 7-day trial of our service. To get started, fill out this form or call us at 631-600-1100.